Transition Blues: Expeditious Free-falling

Are you suffering from the Transition Blues?

I've got an APP for that! 
um...well at least a "term" for it, anyway.

Expeditious Free-falling (EF) is a phenomenon thats over takes many Transsexual and Transgender individuals amid their transitions or exploratory gender journey. Self coined by me, it's defined as a euphoric decompression of gender incongruence on the equinox of “physical” and “mental” surgical sex alignment or gender identity congruence.

For example, Transsexuals can begin experiencing a feeling of increasing unhealthy levels of severe anticipation that set in when one has scheduled a gender confirming procedure [or process] and is waiting for it to transpire.

During this period, time slows down in ones mind, while the rest of the world seems to revolve at its normal revolution. 

"There is nothing stopping me now" you think... I’ve paid for the surgery; I’ve notified family; I’ve scheduled off with work - I’ve covered every base.

Nothing to do but enjoy the home run walk around the bases… Right? Funny thing about “Free-falling”… have you ever tried it? The thing is, as you fall, momentum builds! 

Remember Willy Wonka’s psychedelic boat trip

Yeah, EF is kind a like that. Notice as the boat-ride comes to the end of the tunnel, they are actually at a dead stop, and in reality, were never really going as fast as they thought they were.
Did you notice all the images on the tunnel were that of each passengers worse fears? Geee, does that sound familiar OR WHAT
As the date for one's "procedure" gets closer and closer, things may begin to whirlwind around you – faster and FASTER! "Hold on!! and remember, its just the hormones!"  
Each and every task put-upon you may feel almost insurmountable and inundating - fooling you into thinking that your date with destiny will never come.  
The vacuum of ones mind can be a very lonely place when left idle. 
You are experiencing EF; a journey of intense and complex thoughts free-falling outside the boundaries and normal expansions of ones own mind… a journey within a journey. 

Signs of this condition can be “Pre-op” depression; ignoring responsibilities with no regard to consequences; letting go of all that grounds you; abuse of time and others time; day dreaming, short term memory loss, and uncontrollable grieving or crying and not understanding why.

It is important to continue therapy or sessions with support groups or friends and family during this period of being caught between the Moon and New York City

Exercise your mind with a Puzzle or a distraction of a project. The time WILL pass quickly and as you very well know already, your date WILL arrive, and everything WILL be ok.

I know... it happened to me too.

  oh, and before I forget, "no," thats not me in the picture. ha!

Revised 10/22/2011


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