Coming Out With Us

We often talk about coming out. The fear of potential life altering backlash from friends, family workmates etc., but wht about those that come out with us? Recently, the boyfriend of Harisu -- China's most famout post op- TS -- was revealed to the world. Click for Harisu pics

After having kept his identitiy hidden since they met, the couple decided to reveal their relationship on national TV (in China). The reason, they said, was that they wanted people to see that the love they share is no different than any couple.

As transgender people we should all be aware and respect those that love us, because to do so publicaly means that they are coming out too.


Transgender Star's Boyfriend Comes Out
The Chosun Ilbo, May 24, 2006

The transgender celebrity Harisu has finally shown her boyfriend to the world after jealously guarding the man’s identity on previous occasions. In a program on KMTV called "Introducing Harisu's Boyfriend," the singer’s lover was revealed to be one Woo Seung-woo. Readers may see for themselves when the show airs on Thursday afternoon.

Until now the press has always shown Woo from the side or with his features pixilated out to protect his privacy. "In the first and second episodes, my face was shown in mosaic, like I was some kind of a criminal," Woo said. "When I first made the decision to appear, this wasn't the plan, but as we went along it just felt like our image was being distorted."

"Anyway, our original intent was to show people our love, so we just wanted to show everything fair and square," he said. "What we have is a love just like any other, and we will continue to be true to each other."


Stacie said…
I want to be her, I want to be her bf, I want to be her, I want to be her bf..... She makes my head spin.

Bri, you surprised me posting about her cause I thought Harisu was mainly followed in Asia/Asians. I've been following her career on on off for a couple of years. She is like the Korean Christine Jorgensen, the first Korean post-op TS to go public.

Just a couple of corrections to your post. While Harisu speaks Chinese, she is Korean. Based on her bf's name, he is either Chinese or of Chinese anscestory. Lastly, he was indentified on Korean TV, not Chinese TV. KMTV is the Korean version of MTV.


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