"The Secret" ~ Campari Ad

Take a look at this beautiful gender-bending Campari ad, entitled "The Secret", in light of the following exciting information...

This Campari ad was a Finalist for the Epica 2005 Awards which is Europe's Premier Creative Awards. It was created in Great Britain by Radical.Media for BBDO Milan. It was awarded a Silver medal in the Film category. See the very unique and flashy Campari website. The company even provides a PDF version of "The Secret" for download

It's exciting to note the huge world-wide corporate players who commissioned the production of this piece. BBDO is the lead agency in Omnicom's portfolio. The group has long held a commanding position as one of the world's most prestigious networks, with 290 offices in 77 countries. Its regional agencies are among the most admired in their local market, for example the UK's AMV BBDO or Australia's Clemenger.

The agency is widely admired for the quality of its creative work, and regularly features among the winners in advertising festivals around the globe. Excluding specialised marketing subsidiaries, Advertising Age ranked BBDO as the #3 agency network worldwide in 2004 with revenues of $1.3bn.

The high film quality and artistic value evidenced a high budget, and they represented T in a very classy and alluring way. I believe Trans is going to become the next hottest thing! Call me optimistic, delusional or downright crazy, but in a few years when you're shaking your heads in disbelief, just remember crazy little old me who saw it coming!

But I'll never say "I told ya so"... promise.

<3~ Michele


Unknown said…
That was absolutely beautiful!

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