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Roll Call

(by Jenna Taylor)


The time has come for us to open the closet doors, turn on the lights, dust off the old handbags and stand up and be counted. As our society has come, albeit kicking and screaming, to accept certain alternative lifestyles, it has generally ignored the most inane and loving one. I'm talking about us, The Gender Expressionist.

We have all, including myself, sat back and watched Hollywood and the mainstream media, both of which claim diversity, malign us by portraying us a sexual deviants. All one has to do is sit through "Psycho", "Silence of the Lambs" , or "Dressed to Kill" to see the villian is a crazed TG.

Uhm, can I get a head count here? How many of you have your mother on ice in the basement? Are building a body suit from girls"roomy thru the hips"? Or in your part-time position as a therapist plan on attacking your patients? I suspect none.

What is at the very core of our Gender Expression? It's a desire to dis…

Beware of Bubba

(by Felicia Conti)

Good Evening Ladies,

I am a bi-gendered person and have been interested in gender for a long time. I work in the field of psychotherapy and am in the process of writing a book on my experiences while out in the gender world. Following is about an incident that occurred last summer after spending several days and nights in Key West with a gg friend of mine. The incident happened late at night in a locals bar.

Beware of Bubba

Beware of Bubba. You recognize him as he enters the room by the glazed look in his eyes and sense his presence by the way the hair on the back of your neck straightens and your stomach starts to knot. He has spotted you. “I like girls, not guys who look like girls” rushes through his thoughts. Attempting to fight back the initial attraction that started the chemical chain of events from the brain pathways, he clenches his fists and bites down hard as the veins in his neck protrude to absorb the flow of blood that originally targeted his loin area. Ab…

Keys of life in our extrordinary existance....;D

(by Brielle Echo Whitney)
Hi everyone, And welcome Felicia! You are going to be a splendid addition to this spctacular group of women. And I mean that, everyone here brings something unique & interesting to bear on the life & times that we share in this celebration of our unique path in this life. I know that some of you have been waiting patiently for me to open my mind here on Genderevolve, and as such I’ve been mulling over a lot of thoughts in relation to past posts, and still, at the same time, have been trying to take care of business, oftentimes not finding the energy to come to grips with what I’d like to say, in any terms but something flippant, so I’ve been holding off. That said, I ‘d like to try to address a lot of ensuing thoughts , not that I expect anyone to agree with me, but it’s time that I made a dent on the Genderevolve landscape.
Firstly, I’d like to address the idea of why are we here, and how did we get this far still on the planet mentally intact, wrestli…

Gender Euphoria

(by Jenna Taylor)

Hello Ladies,

I had the pleasure hanging out with a friend of mine, Christina*(name has been changed to protect the beautiful) this weekend. Usually we meet up at a local club with other friends. Unfortunately, its always noisy and its not a great place to hold a conversation.

Tina attends a local support group TGEA . This weekend they were manning a booth at the Arlington County Fair in Arlington VA. She invited my to hang out with her at the fair and afterwards go shopping. While the fair okay, the booth was fully covered with members, so we did like any self respecting girls would do, we went SHOPPING. This is where my post begins.

Tina has been out for a year now. She is married and recently experienced the bliss of child-birth with her first child, a son. Tina and I had several hours to bond and share personal experiences. She shared one item of importance with me. Her wife picks a fight everytime before she goes out. Tina says that when she comes home, everything …

Mythologically speaking of course

(by Arianne Travis)

Going back to ancient Greece, a much simpler time if you ask me, there used to be nine godesses, all dauthers of Zeus, who were personifying a source of inspiration to artists, poets, musicians and probably many more beyond that. They were the key to the good life since they brought both prosperity and friendship.

Aren't we all like artists in our very personal journey of transgenderism, our constant evolution? Everyone is a painter after spending so much time in front of the mirror, a singer if you ever tried to soften your voice like a female or a dancer for walking around in heels for hours... in my book anyway.

I think I just heard everything about the tenth one. The light at the end of the tunnel, the sight for soar eyes, the special voice, the gal I was waiting for, etc... only to list a very few. Her recent presence in our lives affected us in many ways, bringing us closer together and even teaching us a few things in the process.

I see Michele as a muse,…

Your Valued Contributions

(by Michele Angelique)
I want to express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you. Some of you have actively posted and commented on GenderEvolve, while others have maintained private correspondence with me directly. I consider both types of participation and feedback to be highly valuable, and appreciate your efforts more than I can say.

I have recently changed a few settings in the system, and want to explain how things are set up from a technical perspective. This will help you to understand the ways in which you may contributre. GenderEvolve is made up of three components: the website, the blogspace, and the yahoo mailing list. Content on the website will be derived mainly from the blog, which can be viewed our "behind the scenes" mode of communication.

Both the blog and the yahoo list are unlisted invite-only, and made up of the same group of contributors. While the yahoo group was initially established only as a means of automatically circulating the articles pos…

Resisting Influence

(by Rhenaiya Jesson)

Remove all the outside influence on my existence and you find a happy beautiful woman simply enjoying her femininity. This is a very important thing considering I was born male and can remember a time when such a pleasure was seldom achieved.

The influences we are subjected to by our family, friends, media and society in general are undeniable and will continue to be there regardless of what we do. It is how we choose to acknowledge these influences that will determine their effects on us. Though the standards, beliefs, fears and doubts of others are separate from our own, they can easily manifest within us and become entwined in an inner conflict.

The most stressful moments of my life I can attribute to such conflicts. The fears of my parents and friends are pitted against my own hopes and dreams. Unchecked, such fears can become inhibitors. I have had my confidence smashed to pieces by the concern of those who care about me and consequentially found myself on more …