Change And The Prodigal Spirit...

We exist in a natural state, bound by physical laws, and are subect to temporal forces. Within this framework, the nature of change has become a topic of great controversy, at least to our human race. It seems that so many people are averse to change, yet the world into which we are born insist on it - socially, naturally...innately.

This became a recurring theme in my own life, especially noteworthy during the initial period of my transition. With the distinct exeption of my father, my family has experienced, firsthand, the compelling drive which brings about significant change, physically, emotionally and intellectually. As both a subjective player, and objective observer, I've come to respect the personality which allows such changes to take place with relative grace.

Change, it seems, is a reaction necessitated by the realization of a finite existence. The mortal mind, being programmed with the desire for, and having fallen from, immortality seeks, from a blinded standpoint, that which it cannot achieve in a static state.

I say "blinded" because, just as information that is erased from a chalkboard leaves an impression on the medium, so has the full knowledge of our true identity as perfectly created beings been confiscated, leaving only the impression that we were destined for a far greater purpose.

Change is the mortal desire to rediscover that understanding by way of modification of this life experience. Unfortunately, the physical universe can only allow us a minute glimpse of that perfection by way of evidence of it's potential existence, but cannot - or has not - fully revealed the means by which it can be attained.

For thousands of years we have sought to understand the laws that govern our physicality, have glorified our knowledge, and have deified our glories - yet we are no closer to understanding immortality or its implications. Our imagination, which cannot, as yet, be quantified, leads us to invent wondrous tools and feats of literary prowess, and still we die.

It has only been through supernatural revelation that we have, thus far, even the most basic concept of a life outside the boundaries of our mortality.

Though I find it difficult to admit that it is here my train of thought on this subject ends, still I fact, is it not here that our journey truly begins?
Un reflet de Lumiere,


Monica Robinson said…
I think that at the end what truly remains is language, as was in the beginning... By mean of thw Word God created everything that is.

As well as we are creating at this very moment, from the deep of our souls to the tangible reality of the third dimension.

I believe that when science proves the existence of the human soul, our feminine light will be shown also.

Maybe our mission is to balance the life force of our current world in order to bring peace and love to the humankind. We must find equilibrium within ourselves and in relation to the other side of the creation, namely men and masculine energy.

Much love,
RE: Change and the Prodigal Spirit, by Alysyn...


Dearest Alysyn,

Thank you for contributing this thought-provoking article. I think that every human changes on a daily basis, to a greater or lesser degree. Outside resistance to these changes is sometimes due to others' attachment to the status quo, or their own preconceived expectations of the person changing. Those who are unwilling to accept the changes of another are often themselves confined to a box. Because they live within the box, for better or worse, they expect others to do likewise. Usually the most accepting, tolerant people are those who allow themselves room to grow and change, because they recognize change as an inherant part of human existance.

Those who have the most difficulty with change will be those who regard/love you more for *what* you are, rather than *who* you are. They place more priority upon a qualitative set of attributes, with less regard for the product of these attributes. Unfortunately, all too many people still think this way, and hence our changes will not always be accepted by everyone.

I think this is a very true statement... "Change is a reaction necessitated by the realization of a finite existence". Yes, sweetie -- life's too short! While remaining confined within a static, unchanging box, life slips away. Inner growth and personal evolution can only take place in an environment where changes are permitted. The alternative to change is stagnation. For this reason, I strive to embrace change in my life and in the lives of those around me.

Again thank you Alysyn, for introducing this important topic.

Much love,

I'd like to share a Daily OM here, "Adapting to Motion - Embracing Change"

Motivated by the need for security, sometimes we stop taking risks. We love a particular field of study, lifestyle or job, but we let those talents go unnourished because we believe that our dreams are impractical. Instead we spend energy trying to keep things the same as they were before. Yet, we can also look at our existence in a different way, accepting that the world is always in flux instead of trying to keep ourselves grounded. If we could truly accomplish this, we would welcome change instead of fearing it. We would forego security in favor of the excitement of tomorrow. This concept is expressed through the Hindu Law of Maya, one of the seven spiritual truths of that faith. The Law of Maya states that the phenomenal world is always in midst of constant change. An individual has to accept and prepare to face change through designing innovative responses to challenges.

In our world of technological complexity and shifting values, we feel even more strongly that we are always in motion. But instead of making change easier, it can make it feel even more daunting. We have to make sure that our creative responses fit our modern needs. Psychological and technological adaptation can help us sort out and meet our desires. While support from family may have been sufficient in an earlier era, we now need other tools as well.

Here are some ways to prepare for and deal with change:

* Get rid of the guilt about change. Instead of thinking that change is a punishment, begin viewing it as a necessary and positive part of life, which always opens the door to something new.

* Surround yourself with positive role models. Get to know people who flow with life instead of fighting it every step of the way.

* Plan for and celebrate each step. As you find yourself changing, either emotionally or practically, take time to savor the moment.

* Practice changing. Try something new every week so that when an unexpected change comes your way, you'll be a pro at handling it.

* Keep an open mind. Instead of assuming that things are "good" or "bad," wait and see how life develops.

According to Indian philosophy, change is not just inevitable; it can be used as a tool to reach a higher spiritual state. If we learn how to enjoy the motion of the world and how to adapt ourselves within it, change can become a part of our highest expression, our most sacred self.
Renee Reyes said…
Hiya Alysyn,

Just invested a couple of hours at my first visit.

Especially enjoyed your journal/blog entries. What an adorable mind. You go, GF.

My best to you as you continue your journey.

Warm Regards,

Renee Reyes

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