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Transition Blues: Expeditious Free-falling

Are you suffering from the Transition Blues?
I've got an APP for that!  um...well at least a "term" for it, anyway.
Expeditious Free-falling (EF) is a phenomenon thats over takes many Transsexual and Transgender individuals amid their transitions or exploratory gender journey. Self coined by me, it's defined as a euphoric decompression of gender incongruence on the equinox of “physical” and “mental” surgical sex alignment or gender identity congruence.
For example, Transsexuals can begin experiencing a feeling of increasing unhealthy levels of severe anticipation that set in when one has scheduled a gender confirming procedure [or process] and is waiting for it to transpire.
During this period, time slows down in ones mind, while the rest of the world seems to revolve at its normal revolution. 
"There is nothing stopping me now" you think... I’ve paid for the surgery; I’ve notified family; I’ve scheduled off with work - I’ve covered every base.
Nothing to do but…

My Sexual Orientation: I Am What I Am

If there is one thing consistent that I have learned about myself, it’s that my fancies’s can play as fickle as a fiddle from a pickle barrel of violins!I do a lot of reading here on 360, many about either sprinting to the O.R. for surgeries, others about loss of family, but few I find that discuss ones Transition of their sexual orientation.At this stage of my transition from a male to a female, I'm facing the difficult realities of my choices and the concessions they inherit; and if that weren't enough, my decision making abilities have started hitch hiking down the side of the road with a sign that says “Thailand or Bust”! Many people come to read my page here (my mother included (Hi Mom! And yes, the wife knows all about this Blog <wink>)), co workers and of course all my friends from inside and out of the TransGendered community. So, this subject is not easy for me to discuss in open forum – I do so with the up most care and respect – I hope you as the reader, will …