Watch the greatest dancers, dance. The moment is free flowing and true. The true dancer utilizes the space around them to communicate a message. When we understand that message, we are in awe and lost, having forgotten we are watching a dance at all.

One could think that the dancer is the reason we feel in awe. But that is only partially true. We love the dancer for dance itself. In fact we hardly see the dancer, what we are really seeing is intention through movement. We may marvel at watching the one in the moment, and admire the skill and form, but a good dancer has forgotten themselves and we will not notice their act.

We experience the moment the dance was created for, and the meaning, and the authenticity all seen unconsciously and felt with the heart. Once you see the dancer dance, or the actor act, the moment is forgotten and the intention has disappeared and the connection to all things is gone, and all that is left is the performer in a moment of expressive poverty.

Everyday we live our lives as a dance. Each day is a performance. How will I dance today? Will I dance from my heart, or will I show my life choreographed and scripted for the mere approval of others?


"When you do something, you should burn yourself completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace of yourself." --Shunryu Suzuki, *Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind*


Anonymous said…
A friend posted this on my blog and I have to paste it here because I felt her comment briliant.

Peace sisters


"Despite the fact that we move in a 3 dimensional space because of our vehicles, our souls are multidimensional.
There are channels we use to experience that! You are rigth! Dance helps us to forget our identification with this world and we have the opportunity to speak in higher tones. -Rosa"

So it is with this post that I wish to convey life being like that of a dance with everyday being a opportuity to "speak in higher tones".


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