It comes when you are not looking from out of dark placesand in moments of unknowing protects you from …

Should I lash out or strike back? Is it the madness that makes me want to… or is it the madness that I don't.

And if I do, who is the beneficiary? Life inhales and exhales such confusion. Friends are enemies and enemies are friends, leaving you to untangle the webs of illussion and stand naked and cold.

But, I see light, a feeling to follow, somewhere, anywhere just not here. Here the madness taunts & teases. Demons are in the air but they’re not mine, they’re someone else's on loan.

Copyright 2002 Brie Austin


RE: Madness

Brieanna, this post conveys anger and frustration, yet you say "I see light". Indeed, the dark can only consume you if you let it. For even a tiny flame can light up a room of darkness. The smallest light can illuminate all the dark around it, but no amount of dark could ever extinguish that same small light.

One of my new favorite Brie Austin quotes, "Demons are in the air but they're not mine, they're someone else's on loan." That's right on sister, those demons are not yours! Therefore you have the power to walk away from them.

Thanks for sharing this piece.

Love & light,

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