Learning to Love Yourself

It Begins With You...

We've all heard it countless times before, "To experience true love, we first must love ourselves," or some variation of such. However it is stated, the importance of self love is vital to becoming a healthy, whole, human being. We are all children of the universe, created out of love. We accept and love other people, animals, nature, all that comes from the same source as we do. We too then, are worthy of our own love. To honor oneself with love and acceptance is to honor the universe that created us.

Self love is about fully embracing oneself, realizing one's strengths and accepting one's flaws. Self love is not about being self-centered or self-absorbed, which is based on insecurity and not knowing oneself. True self love is a guarantee that we will not succumb to such selfish pursuits. For if we truly love ourselves we know that we do not need to be the best looking, most talented, or have the most possessions. When we love ourselves, we are able to give love freely to others without fear of being hurt or used. We love ourselves enough to not allow others to take advantage of us. And, when we are secure in our love of self, we attract the love of others.

To learn to love yourself, treat yourself the way you treat those you love. Be kind to yourself, giving yourself all that you need to be happy and healthy. Show yourself a good time by doing things you like. Eat well and take care of your body. Say nice things to yourself. Compliment and praise yourself, just as you would a friend, family member, or lover. Encourage yourself when you're feeling down.

And most importantly, say the words that we all long to hear. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, "I love you." This can be difficult, but it's a powerful tool in acceptance and self love. It may not be easy, you may feel foolish at first, but you can do it. Even if you don't feel it right away, keep doing it. Love yourself first and you will be able to truly love others and to be truly loved in return.

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