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Compassion for the Ignorant

It is not an exaggeration to see how special we are. We transgender women have much to show the world.
Ever time we walk about in public, we are communicating a reality especially to those that have yet to see us with open eyes.
We seem to almost always get the same reaction from strangers. People will either love us or hate us. For those that hate us and look at us with disgust, it is especially important that we do not reflect their despise. People that do not understand us and may even hate us need our help, because they are in a perilous way. Their display of prejudice is a display of a disconnected mind, and this is where we can step in with the hopes of helping them change their dangerous ways. This is our golden opportunity to be a beacon for humanity. That’s what makes us so potentially wonderful, not that we are transgender necessarily, but that we can serve as beacons of light because we can seem so different to people that do not know us.
It may seem an inflated ideal to think…


Look into the face of another
And see yourself every time
We react to each other
The same way a mirror reacts to our image
Smile at it
It will smile back
Frown at it
It will frown back
Why did the mirror not smile at me?
Perhaps I did not smile at it
If I do smile at it
And if it does not smile back
Will I become the mirror?
Or I pass the limitation of its reflection
To see me?


Intuition was once a womens privilege, and at times a discrediting point of view in a mans world. Now, we are coming to understand the forces behind our senses and intuition or feelings or emotion are now seen to play a key part in how we navigate through our lives.
The Goddess has arrived:) and now men and women are beginning to understand her infinite wisdom as we utilize her gift of intuition.



In every moment that you are awake or conscious, you are literally radiating a signal, not so different from a radio signal, and the Universe accepts that signal as your point of attraction. Every moment that you are conscious or awake, you are literally pulsing an electronic vibration, and the entire Universe is accepting that electronic vibration as your point of attraction and is matching it with other things that are like it.

Your job is to start monitoring your feelings so you really know what is joy, and what is appreciation, what is love and what i…