Compassion for the Ignorant

It is not an exaggeration to see how special we are. We transgender women have much to show the world.
Ever time we walk about in public, we are communicating a reality especially to those that have yet to see us with open eyes.
We seem to almost always get the same reaction from strangers. People will either love us or hate us. For those that hate us and look at us with disgust, it is especially important that we do not reflect their despise. People that do not understand us and may even hate us need our help, because they are in a perilous way. Their display of prejudice is a display of a disconnected mind, and this is where we can step in with the hopes of helping them change their dangerous ways. This is our golden opportunity to be a beacon for humanity. That’s what makes us so potentially wonderful, not that we are transgender necessarily, but that we can serve as beacons of light because we can seem so different to people that do not know us.
It may seem an inflated ideal to think we can change the world in such ways. But, the human mind takes in an experience like a seed. That seed once planted begins to grow within an individual until manifestation.
I have on many occasions experienced first hand the birth within a stranger of a new way to see the world by virtue of my communicating with them with a smile and kind gesture even after noting their initial despise for me. I have witnessed on occasion, an expression of conceding on the faces of one that speaks with us and sees that we are just “people” after all. However, if I note a particular strong repulsion from someone toward me, I have found that “silence” is the most dignified response and that silence communicates something tremendous.
The point is, that no matter the response to us, if we can understand the compassion these lost people need as a result of their ignorance, we not only will shine with the holiest dignity that is our birth right, but in the process may help an ignorant one loose their ignorance by virtue of our glory and kindness. We really are so much bigger!


“You may feel sympathetic toward others and experience a deeper sense of compassion and understanding. You may find yourself able to identify with the struggles of those around you and seek ways to create more happiness and peace in the world…You could also make it your mission to spread compassion to everyone you encounter today through kind words and an understanding demeanor. If you set an intention to be helpful and supportive in every situation, the universe will provide you with the opportunities to assist others. Choosing to extend kindness and compassion to others empowers us with joy and satisfaction. Our feelings of compassion for others can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if we are unsure of the best ways to communicate them. When we choose to understand that even small gestures of kindness can have a profound impact on the lives of others, we derive a sense of empowerment from being able to help in any way. As we extend kindness and compassion to others, we benefit from a feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes from knowing that we were able to make a difference in their lives…Your compassion for others can best be expressed by being kind and helpful to everyone you meet today. “
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Anonymous said…
Once an ignorant person is educated we may have gained an alley and friend.

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