Truth and Beauty

Open your eyes what truth do you see?
Then close the doors to you and me
Take yourself on a journey where no one goes
To an unreachable place that only heaven knows

Walk a dream of your choosing
Express all of your hearts desire
You are no longer bound to the earth
But you are an unquenchable fire

An unbroken promise you live to remember
By your soul so my lives ago
A promise to priceless to sell
That your nature has come to know

In the majestic void you found your truth
How destiny has become your friend
Your sacrifice saves those who may fall
And now your truest beauty is without end


All we could ever need to feel successful, satisfied, and fulfilled lies within us. How we feel about ourselves is simply a matter of how we choose to think and the ideas we allow ourselves to entertain. When our thoughts are positive, full of self-love and self-acknowledgement, we naturally feel secure, confident, and capable. The behaviors and opinions of those around us have no bearing on how we feel, because we are the only source of the truth about ourselves. Look within you today, and take time to recognize and think about all that makes you strong and beautiful, and you will realize you are entirely precious and capable.
© Reproductions Permitted


Leslie Crawford said…
In reading this I could put myself in these words and found the true me which lead me to finally be at peace with myself.

Amara said…
Hi Leslie:) Im am touched by your comment, and I am happy for you that you have found what cannot be lost, your beautiful truth.
We cant help but to be something very special when we are being true to ourselve.
Smiling at you sis...

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