The Law of Attraction

A life changing revelation came to me recently. It is something I’ve always "known", practiced even, yet I was not truly aware of its power. The pieces all came together for me when watching "The Secret" for the first time (available below). This is the secret which has been described by all of the great spiritual masters in history, and by many of the leaders and greatest minds of all time.

In essence, the Secret is the Universal Law of Attraction, through which we create our own reality. We attract to us whatever we think about frequently and feel strongly about, including those things we don’t want, or are most worried about. Whatever we give mental energy to, especially when coupled with strong emotions, will manifest in our lives in some form or another. We draw to ourselves whatever we are focusing on. This is obviously a two-edged sword, for we can use our powerful positive thoughts to create our most beautiful dream life, or we can allow powerful negative thoughts to create a living nightmare for ourselves.

"The Secret" is a collaborative production featuring the wisdom of a diverse group of scientists, psychologists, theologians, physicists, authors, visionaries, along with self-made millionaires, and people who have healed themselves of incurable ills. They provide significant evidence as to the power of this phenomenon, along with everything you need to know about implementing this into your daily life. The secret is a simple concept, yet it is life transforming.

I have always known and used the Law of Attraction, to a greater or lesser degree, although I was not necessarily aware of what I was doing. Yet my current reality evidences its truth, and I have experienced too many unexplainable synchronicities in my life to discount this power. I tend to get whatever I expect to get, for better or for worse.

One story I want to share is the most poignant example of my successful use of the Law of Attraction. It was 1985, I was 12 years old, and my hero at the time was Michael Jackson, whom I had adored for a couple of years prior to that. When I learned the Jackson Victory Tour was going to be in a neighbouring city, I was incredibly excited and asked my mom if there was any way I could go. She told me that unfortunately she was not able to financially afford it, as even the concert tickets alone cost nearly $100 each, on top of transportation and hotel room.
I learned that a local radio station would be holding a draw, giving away some MJ paraphernalia, with the grand prize being two tickets to the concert, along with transportation and hotel room. Mom said the only way I was going to the concert is if I won those tickets, so I was determined. I just had to win those tickets, I was determined in every way.

They had a limit of one entry per person, so I entered the names of all five of my family members (all with the same surnames). There was about four weeks between the time I entered and the draw date. During that time period, I set time aside each and every night, to engross myself in the imagining of having already won the tickets and partying at the concert. I felt all the joy and excitement, as if I were actually there. I also dwelled in the feeling of reverence and appreciation of the “fact” that I’d already won the tickets. At no time did I feel pessimism, frustration, despondency, at the fact that in reality, my chances of winning were infinitesimally small. I didn’t even think about any of that. In my mind, I’d already won, and was excitedly planning my trip, looking forward to seeing my hero at the best concert of my life.

When the draw date rolled around, they mentioned having a very full draw barrel of about 20,000 entries. I huddled by the radio, absolutely expecting my name to be announced. Prior to announcing the grand prize winner, they drew for the smaller prizes first. With an MJ album up for grabs, out popped my mother’s name. She had won the album! Cool stuff! Next prize comes around, someone else’s name was called. The following prize was an MJ poster... drum roll... MY name pops out! I was excited for a second, but then my heart sunk because the contest only allowed only one prize per contestant. I didn’t want the poster, I wanted the tickets! Still, it was rather strange that both my mom’s name and mine had been drawn, and the announcers noted the coincidence.

Next, was the grand prize... lots of drum rolls and suspense… then the announcer says, "ok people, this is really strange, I don’t know how this is possible, but the winner is..." and out popped my 2 year old brother’s name! We won the tickets too!! Three of the four prizes were awarded to my entries, out of a pool of 20,000 names. So, I went to the concert, exactly as I had known I would, in addition to enjoying my new poster and album! My goal was lofty, yet I had attracted even more than I’d expected! I have many other stories of this nature, though this was the most striking of them all.

I’ve always known intuitively of the Law of Attraction, and have used it all my life to draw to me people and circumstances that suit me. Now that I’ve seen everything laid out so clearly in “The Secret”, the potential is truly amazing. Over the balance of my natural life, I intend to harness this power to my fullest ability, and encourage all humans to do the same. This is a most blessed time to be alive, as we are truly the masters of our own destinies. Do yourself the biggest favour imaginable, and take the time to watch this. It’s all here.

With love & light,


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