A Quantum Focus

Good Day Sisters, I found this piece helpful to me and seemingly very wise so I wanted to share it.

Blessed Be... Amara

Focus On The Solution

According to Quantum Physics, focusing actually causes changes in energy fields that automatically produce a physical change in your surroundings.

Instead of focusing on the problem, you need to focus on the solution — the outcome that you desire. Unfortunately 95% percent of people focus on what they fear, instead of what they want out of life.

It’s kind of like driving down the road and seeing a pothole. If you focus intently on staring at the pothole, intending to miss it, what happens? Of course! You run smack dab into it.

It’s the same in all areas of life. When you focus on your fears, you make them your reality.

Focus on doing exactly what it takes to get the outcome you want.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see that the key to success is this:
The more you focus on what you Want, the more your desires will manifest themselves in your life.

~Excerpted from “Dr. Robert Anthony Reveals How To Use Quantum Physics To Supercharge Your Life”, by Rick Miller. For the full story please visit


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