Why Dress Up and Go Out?

(by Felicia Conti)

Someone recently asked the question as to why transgendered women like to dress up to the 9's to go out on the town. Here is my attempt to answer that question from my vantage point.

Can you imagine having a magic wand and waiving it and entering through a port hole into a whole other existence that is filled with enchantment, glamour, excitement, and admiration from others? Women are such lovely creatures especially when they dress up and amplify their physical attributes. Honestly, I am envious and admiring of my true female sisters for they have been gifted with subtle influences that go beyond the obvious power of domination that males possess.

For me, going out enfem has to do with attaching to the power of the experience, to have a piece of that magic that women possess through their feminine beauty and charms, to morph into a higher essence.


(from Adarabeth)

My sista speaks so eloquently... truly for many of us we shed the cocoon of a drab existence to one of carefree openness when we dress up... glamour and attention that seldom exist on the other half are now ours to command.

I cannot speak for the genetic girl more comfortable in a cap and jeans...plenty of them out there...but I do know most of them take their grace quite for granted...although many work toward a societal > view of beauty - waxing, diet and fashion, you are accurate that a tgirl will go to even further extremes...

For me, I am more than happy to spend whatever it takes to reach my image of beauty because this is who I am. In some ways I am my ideal girlfriend, having a bigendered view point I am able to see what both genders ideally would like to see as far as beauty goes.

I have some of the best qualities to express in either gender and almost create a third sex all around by incorporating my duality into one. I have always found feminine clothing to be much more interesting, textile friendly and fun in general. Although more than half of my clothing is form fitting and generally considered sexy overall, I am more comfortable in this expression when out and about because not only do I garner more looks, and hence more energy, but it is an overall statement on how I perceive myself and my own confidence levels.

Now if only I could do this at work....

As for the genetic girls out there...they - all of them possess a natural feminine beauty already. Whether they tap into it or not, the potential for them to express it is only one of the many reasons > why the female gender deserves to be celebrated more than it is.

Most of my best qualities came from my mother and grandmother and I seldom ever saw them done up to the nines. The option was always there for them, but they did not have to do it - it always was already there.

The subtle influences that Felicia speak of below exist for every single genetic woman I know. And as I learn more about my other sisters out there... many of the tgirls I know are incorporating such into who they are as well - albeit perhaps in a less than subtle way...giggle...

It is about 'having a piece of that magic' that makes me desire to 'dress to the nines'.

I wouldn't have it any other way...


Lauren Thomas said…
While most genetic females have the opportunity to dress up and go out anytime they choose, I suspect that it isn't that important to get dressed up every time they go out. However, for most of us we don't have the option of, "Anytime we choose", and in some cases we're limited to where we can go. We've all seen attractive females at the grocery or at the mall, wearing little, or no makeup, faded jeans and a ball cap. And we have probably said to our self, God if I looked like that I wouldn't be dressed that way! Looking at it from a different perspective, probably the reason they dress this way is to be comfortable, while they go about the business of doing some serious shopping. But, if we could fast forward to later in the evening we now find that same female dining in a nice restaurant or dancing at some club; and she has transformed herself into a most lovely butterfly, and we look at her and say, God, I wish I looked like that!

We dress up and go out because we want to impress others. We dress up and go out because as males we are femininely challenged with male features, and unlike many genetic females, we really have to work hard in order to look that good. We dress up and go out because it is the one time we have the opportunity to transform ourselves from the everyday drab male, into that lovely,
and often sexy female that we enjoy being. We dress up and go out to fulfill our own fantasies, as well as the fantasies of those admirers, who asked the question, "Why Do We Dress Up and Go Out?"

With Love and Respect,

Alexis Rene said…
I think all three of you make excellent points. A topic that is as individual in nature as all of us within. From the aspects of a T-girl dressed to the nines to the genetic girl picking up groceries on a Sunday afternoon in basic fem drab if you will.

Actually the very beauty I appreciate most is the girl who can go out in an old pair of faded jeans and a top sans make up and just look radiant! In due time that will be my focal point. Maybe not so much radiant as passable but you get my point.

On the flip side, We all know how long it takes to get to the "nines". The hair and make-up just this way or that way. So I wonder how we would all grasp this concept if we were "expected" to do this daily or even a close realm? I mean everyday waking an extra 2 to 3 hours before work...Just to go unappreciated by many of the co-workers... And of course the sneers of the girls who are just in "fem drab" themselves.

Ever notice that if a genetic girl is overdone her fair weathered friends will be the most unappreciative? Strange huh?

I guess my thoughts on the "nines" thing is that when I had the oppurtunity at SCC it truly was a wonderful feeling and would likely do it again at such a venue, But it is much like you noted Felicia, It was good because it was an exception and a rarity for me. I personally would just rather be the common girl next door blended into the world.

Such is the wonderful thing about all of this. We have the choice! We are not going to be condemned on the clothes we wear as far as being to lavish, To big/fake of lashes,To much jewelry etc. Those who are going to condemn will do so based solely on who they think we are regardless of our outer vanity styles. So cheers girls! We truly are fortunate in the manner that we have many choices!

With love, grace and appreciation for bringing this topic/comments to light, Alexis
Shari Williams said…
What a great topic and great comments! Alexis your comment was particulary well said! If we can not celebrate diversity, then I am afraid we, and all those who follow in our footsteps are all headed for a very unhappy future. We each dress for our own reason, and we each dress in a manner or style that suits our desires. None right, none wrong. Just individuals being, well, individuals. While I might enjoy the GG "drab" look, others prefer gothic, formal, etc, the list is as varied as the individuals themselves. If we can not agree on styles, and I don't think we need to, we must agree on the individual’s right to express their feelings. God I love this place you girls are so kewl!
Shari Williams
Adarabeth Veau said…
Thank you Alexis on your insights on this topic... they are true to form and accurate... and to who you are... I think you already look radiant in jeans, and i am just using ma mind... imagine when we finally meet... baseball caps n lipstick here we come (as long as I get to wear my hair in braids and have heels on i will be ok...)

It is amazing actually how when I really go to a great effort to doll myself up how people look, but seldom talk to me... when I dress much more casual such as when I flew out to Vancouver en femme... I was more warmly received...even my wife said it was nice to see me not dressed like a slut... course she was just trying to be nice... perhaps the short skirts, knee high boots, tight tops and pvc just scare people off...

Who knew?


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