Sharing the Dream

We will often hear ourselves as transgender people say, "We need to stick together". I have often wondered why we are so inclined to say this? Do we say it because we need each other for protection? Maybe. Do we say it because we need friends to party with? Partial maybe. Do we say it because we want to share makeup tips? lol Maybe that too. It is such an instinctual thing to say dont you think?

I belive ultimately we say it because we know on some deeper level the importance of community. Community is made by shared dreams. We share and live and breath as sisters in the same dream. Imagine everynight sharing wonderous dreams with people like you...What a beautiful thing to be sharing this dream with my sisters.

“The dream is owned not by the dreamer alone, but collectively by the group, and the individual dreamer is simply the vessel the dream decided to borrow to have a conversation with the whole tribe. The tribes view the dream as a map for their waking hours. It is a forecaster of what is to come for all of them. In dreams they connect with their ancestors and the rest of the universe. The dream is what is real. It is their waking life that is the falsehood.

"The dreamer is the vessel for a borrowed thought, a collective notion, present in the microscopic vibrations in between the dreamers."
~ Excerpted from THE FIELD: A Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, by Lynne McTaggart.


Karen Reeves said…
Beautifully said Amara ! I can't improve upon your eloquence !

Thanks for the poetic side to all this :-)

*With Love*


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