have u seen my box???

(by Rhenaiya Jesson)

foreword*** thanks to my friend who created this blog and to all those who will use it for an opportunity (ha, i remembered how to spell it!) to say something meaningful or at least clever. having said that, i hope that someone finds my "off the cuff" remarks either or...

these little boxes are too small for me... boxes for women, boxes for men, boxes for every different race and religion, boxes for every sexuality. i've been looking for a box marked transexual lesbien musical poets and have yet to find one. though i look around and feel sorta cheated, everyone else "seeming" to fit into their own little niche, maybe it would be best to scrap the whole plan and go uninhibited by the cardboard confines of structured social identity. i mean, really...who is everyone trying to kid. everyone knows men can cry and women can fix cars. we also know that everyone sneeks a little something into their box that isn't supposed to be there, but then who made up those rules anyway?
when i think about it more, it seems we try to pretend we are something we are not for the sake of the box itself. when we ask ourselves who truly cares for us, we know it's the people in our lives who appreciate our contents rather than our label. sometimes our friends and family love the ideals they have of us more than they love us actually. to find out all one has to do is be themselves. if it is impossible to be abandoned by those who really love us for not fitting in, then we must be sustaining the illusion ourselves and putting false importance on belonging to something bigger.
what this all boils down to is this...either a person can live inside a box, uncomfortable and unfitting, or they can live outside of the illusion. both choices have their consequences and albeit for me to decide what is best for someone else. all i know is it sure looks like a beautiful day out there.


Very well said, thank you Rhennea. I agree, it seems like so many people want everyone to neatly fit into one box or another. No box seems to truly fit me because I am dynamic, ever-changing, evolving, and that's how I like it... it keeps things interesting, (though it has got me into some trouble in my life!;).

I really admire you and others like you, who are brave enough to climb out of the box (or closet if you will), cast off the chains of status quo, and be free to just "be"... to be whomever you are at the moment... to reserve the right to change and grow in whatever ways suit you best. I agree completely in respect to the box of "normality" which is imposed by society.

If we are referencing a box to be the human body, I believe everyone has the basic human right to change and adorn their body as they see fit. In whatever ways are possible, the box should be made for the maximum comfort of its contents... the human soul inside the box. People who truly love you will continue to love you no matter what the size, shape, color or gender of the box (body) you live in. Some people that do love you in their own way might still be reluctant to accept change, but in the end you must be true to what you value most in life.

If you are ready to completely transcend the illusion of the box, then its appearance, shape, size, gender, will be irrelevant to you, as you will recognize it as the facade that it is.

If you are not ready, then just do what you can in the meanwhile to have the most comfortable and fitting box you can have so you can be the best person you can be.

Thanks again for your thought provoking post Rhennea.

Much love,

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