...just as I believe (l'un séparer)

I Believe we all have a responsibility to the world to be happy.

I Believe every talent should be utilized for the good of all.

I Believe that clarity of understanding is more important than being of a "right" opinion.

I Believe that Cold Stone Creamery was created by divine proclamation.

I Believe that human pridefulness is the reason relationships fail.

I Believe all human beings are a tri-unity: Spirit, mind, and body.

I also Believe we are all obligated to place our priorities in that exact order.

I Believe that "they lived happily ever after...", but they worked diligently together for every moment of happiness.

I Believe in the fairy tale...with some modifications to perception, that is.

I Believe in homemade espresso (with a little Grand Marnier).

I Believe that the intimate love you give another is an exclusive gift.

I Believe that sex is a natural expression of that gift.

I Believe the bass guitar is the holiest of musical instruments.

I Believe that self-analysis is mandatory.

I Believe truth always points to itself...

I Believe that nothing is ever so bad that some selfish prick can't make it worse...

I Believe that politicians are almost always the exception to any rule denoting basic human goodness.

I Believe self-deception hurts others more than it does one's self.

I Believe you only meet your true love once in your life.

I Believe in opening your heart completely to your true love.

I Believe that a relationship that hasn't experienced pain hasn't matured.

I Believe that reading is the single-most important thing you can do for your mind.

I Believe in either being in love or being alone.

I Believe that no offense is unforgiveable.

I Believe that understanding the consequences is the key to any decision.

I Believe that popcorn, dark chocolate, and peanut butter should be in everyone's home when I come over...

I Believe that children are the best teachers of how to be a true adult...

...and I'm not finished...


Amara said…
I believe your world is a wonderful one!
If our world should ever meet I will bring the Cold Stone and perhaps you may have the espresso ready:)
Wonderful Aly
RE: just as I believe...

Dear Aly,

As they say, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything". I think it is truly important to determine and analyse ones' own beliefs, as you have done here. Yet some beliefs should be flexible as well, subject to change and evolution over a lifetime, as you say "I'm not finished yet"... when is self-examination ever truly finished? The process of refining our beliefs is a huge part of refining WHO we ARE, as individuals. No two belief sets will be exactly the same, which is one of the beautiful gifts of our diverse human race. Thank you for sharing this meaningful piece... it is both profound and light-hearted; quite a lively and enjoyable read.

Lots of love,

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