Yin-Yang GenderEvolution

(by Michele Angelique & Felicia Conti)

Felicia got me to thinking when she recently sent out an email to the group entitled "The Yin and Yang of it all" in which she said:

"I would say that the GenderEvolve group has both qualitative and quantitative mechanisms in place for evolving both the amount and quality of interaction of its members. It seems that quantitative research has more masculine, yang energy and that qualitative research has more feminine, yin energy, but that both are necessary for completeness."

Felicia's perspective mirrors my own. I see importance and benefit in both Yin and Yang energy, and constantly seek to combine them. The time has come to explore the connection between the Yin-Yang symbol and transgenderism.

Feminine energy is attributed to Yin, and masculine attributed to Yang. Yin and Yang are interdependent and symbiotic, and can be used to describe all mutually exclusive set of opposites, including man and woman. One cannot thrive without the other. Neither is greater nor lesser than the other. Yin is attributed to the feminine energy and Yang to the masculine, and the widely accepted interpretation of Yin-Yang (appended below) can be restated as follows:

"Feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) are opposite energies, which are interdependent, can be further subdivided, consume and support each other, and continuously transform into one another. Female exists within male and male exists within female."

It sounds pretty simple considering it has only been around a few thousand years. In our use of the Yin-Yang symbol, the suggestion is not that anyone should “convert” to Taoism, but rather, we are "borrowing" from ancient mystical wisdom applying it in a new arena.

The fifth and sixth principle of the traditional Yin-Yang definition are both auspicious for transgendered people:

"Female (Yin) and Male (Yang) can transform into eachother."


"There is some Boy (Yang) in every Girl (Yin) and some Girl (Yin) in every Boy (Yang)".

These are a few of the reasons why the Yin-Yang is an appropriate TG symbol. It is a symbol representing the harmony of balanced duality, and the meaning goes further to include all points on the spectrum in between. There is no such thing as "100% pure Yang" or "100% pure Yin", as each side must contain at least a grain or more of the other in order for any balance to exist. The entire spectrum of gender possibilities can be fully described by continual transforming flow of feminine/masculine energies in the Yin-Yang symbol.

Felica further explained the relevance of Yin and Yang to society at large and how it may apply to GenderEvolve. She said, "There has been a long standing debate in the social sciences as to whether quantitative or qualitative research is the preferred method of choice. Similarly, in nature, there has been an historical debate as to whether the masculine (yang) energy or the feminine (yin) energy should govern a society.

Qualitative research is yin. It is exploratory and inductive in nature and involves analysis of data such as words (e.g., from interviews), pictures (e.g., video), or objects (e.g., an article). Quantitative research is yang. It is confirmatory and deductive in nature and involves analysis of numerical data.

Actually, neither type is superior and the thinking style of the researcher or the culture of the group is a key factor in determining preferred choice of research. It is likely be helpful to combine both qualitative (yin) and quantitative (yang) research."

Combining a balanced mix of Yin and Yang energies lends to a more comprehensive perspective. We believe that the ability to understand and experience both sides leads to wholeness and completion. By functioning through both energies we live in the beautiful range in-between, exhibiting the strengths of both feminine and masculine.

GenderEvolve is a benevolent, philanthropic entity which is borne of a special blend of Yin (qualitative) and Yang (quantitative) initiatives and efforts. This approach will promote our rapid acceleration and growth, in a soft and gentle manner which consistently upholds the spirit of light and love.

We embrace the Yin-Yang symbol in celebration of gender duality and all points of the ever transforming flow in-between. Throughout most of history, Yang energy has been over-emphasized at the expense of Yin, leading to masculine domination of societies and lack of compassion among people. While we recognize both Yin and Yang as equally necessary, we seek to personify and manifest Yin more fully in our everyday lives. By upholding the feminine Yin-spirit, we seek to bring greater balance to ourselves and the world around us. Lau Tsu himself said it best: "Know the masculine, keep to the feminine."

A new day is dawning... humans are coming to recognize the truths of ancient wisdoms, the seeds of which have been within us for millennia. It is only in this New Age of transformation and acceptance that we are now discovering how the pieces of ourselves fit together so brilliantly.

Yin and Yang Defined

1. Yin and yang are opposites.

Everything has its opposite—although this is never absolute, only comparative. No one thing is completely yin or completely yang. Each contains the seed of its opposite. For example, cold can turn into hot; "what goes up must come down".

2. Yin and yang are interdependent.

One cannot exist without the other. For example, day cannot exist without night.

3. Yin and yang can be further subdivided into yin and yang.

Any yin or yang aspect can be further subdivided into yin and yang. For example, temperature can be seen as either hot or cold. However, hot can be further divided into warm or burning; cold into cool or icy.

4. Yin and yang consume and support each other.

Yin and yang are usually held in balance—as one increases, the other decreases. However, imbalances can occur. There are four possible imbalances: Excess yin, excess yang, yin deficiency, yang deficiency.

5. Yin and yang can transform into one another.

At a particular stage, yin can transform into yang and vice versa. For example, night changes into day; warmth cools; life changes to death.

6. Part of yin is in yang and part of yang is in yin.

The dots in each serve as a reminder that there are always traces of one in the other. For example, there is always light within the dark (e.g., the stars at night), these qualities are never completely one or the other.



Jenna said…
Insightful and thought provoking. Can you ask for anything more?
Felicia Conti said…
I really appreciate and value your opinions and your friendship. I could not agree more with what you say about the importance of embracing both the feminine and the masculine. In Chinese theory, there is no such thing as pure Yin or pure Yang, the amounts are relative and always in a state of flux. Even someone who views herself as totally female still has to face the notion that she still has masculine aspects to herself. Without this balance, we would not be put together too well. I also agree that we need to develop a degree of integration of our different selves and parts. Maybe some hesitate to do this for fear of losing connection with a newly found feminine side. If they pay even a little attention to the masculine, somehow they fear the feminine will disappear. I don't think that will happen :)

For me, the problem is time (or lack of it) in terms of number of years left to enjoy some degree of youthful femininity. I did not really get in touch with my feminine side (although I did a little when I was a teen) until I was older than most so don't have that many years left to enjoy some degree of youth. Its kind of like a teenage girl finding herself in an older body and wondering where the time has gone :) I do a lot to stay healthy and youthful but cannot make time stand still. I have talked to a number of transgendered females who feel this same way. So we have to do a lot of living in a shorter time span and get the most out of it while still balancing the other aspects of our complex lives. Phew, makes me tired just thinking of it :) LOL.

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