Ego's 7 Dominating Messages

(Adapted from the book "Inspiration", by Dr. Wayne Dyer)

(Aly's note: I found this chapter very intruiguing, and wanted to share it with everyone here. I'm sure we'll all take different things from it, or nothing at all, but here it is for your consideration...)

"1. The ego says, "You're a body." The Holy Spirit says, "You're not even a person -you're just like Me, your Source of being." This teaching shows that our ego insists we're impermanent, which is opposed to our being what Lao-tzu (the mystical teacher of the 6th century B.C.) taught: that which never changes. ...everything we experience [on Earth], including our body, returns to dust to be recycled by Spirit. Our ego finds this concept impossible to accept.

2. The ego says, "Your thoughts are very important." The Holy Spirit insists, "Only thoughts you think with God are real - nothing else matters." This teaching explains that thougts centering on ourselves, appearance, possessions, fears, or relationship problems are not only unimportant, they're not real. Ouch! The ego flinches at such commentary. But if we examine these thoughts from Spirit's infinite perspective, we see that...when we were totally immersed in-Spirit, we only had thoughts of Spirit because that's all we were; when we left It behind, we opted for thoughts that our ego told us were important.

3. Your ego says, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away." The Holy Spirit asserts, "God only gives and never takes away." When living an inspired life, we're focused on giving our life away and simultaniously observing how it's returned, thus fortifying the idea of what goes around comes around. Ego is constantly telling us to be fearful about losing what we have and warning us of greedy others who'll take what's ours - but God doesn't take away from us. As we learn to think this way, we attract more of what's missing in our life...We become what we think about. If we think about giving, like God does, the Universe will provide. If we think about things being taken away, then that's what we'll attract.

4. The ego says, "There's good and bad." The Holy Spirit maintains, "There's nothing to judge because it isn't real in the first place." When we accept the ego identification card, we agree to judge almost everyone and everything in terms of good or bad. The problem with this is that we all contain the same Spirit from which we originated. If I make you bad and myself good, for instance, I deny the presence of Spirit in you whom I elected to judge.

5. The ego directs love and hate toward individuals. The Holy Spirit's love is nonspecific and all-encompassing. Ego directs us to love some, be indifferent toward many, and hate all others. When we learn to be back in-Spirit on a full-time basis, we discover what we knew in our pre-ego time: There is no "they," there is only "one." The one Source of all-encompassing love knows nothing of boundaries; differing customs; geographic divivsions; family splits; or differences in race, creed, sex, and so on - It only knows love for all. Ego...may retort, "How can you love those who would harm you and are your declared enemies?" When your ego speaks in this way, recall the words of Jesus: "You have heard that it was said 'love your neighbor and hate your enemy'" (Matthew 5:43). This is how ego works - it tells you to divide your love for some and offer your hate to others. Yet Jesus, who lived totally in-Spirit, goes on to say, "But I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be [children] of your Father in heaven" (Matthew 5:44-45).

6. The ego devises clever reasons why we should continue to listen to its selfish counsel. The Holy Spirit is certain that at some point we'll turn toward It and ultimately return. Ego will tout its irresistible logic to assure us that our body, our possessions, and our achievements are all very real and important. It convinces us by insisting that what's real is what we can see, touch, hear, taste, and smell; therefore, invisible Spirit isn't real. So ego continues to be attached to stuff and to make the acquisition of money and power a life-long objective. To that end, it wants us to disdain forgiveness in favor of seeking revenge - very persuasive logic when we look around and see almost everyone doing just that. Through the lens of inspiration, however, we're able to see how ego has dostorted the message of the Holy Spirit - instead of seeking revenge, we're more likely to see a very sad nation of strivers and virtually no arrivers...As we return to the Holy Spirit, we'll no longer be under the influence of ego's absurd counsel.

7. The ego wants us to regret our past. The Holy Spirit wants us to practice unconditional forgiveness. The Holy Spirit isn't limited by a past or a future - there's only the eternal now. Any energy we place on what transpired in the past is ground-work for guilt, and ego loves guilt. Such negative energy fabricates an excuse for why our present moments are troubled and gives us a cop-out, a reason to stay out of Spirit. And thinking about where we've been or what we did wrong in the past are great impediments to an inspired life.
On the other hand, when we're inspired, we're totally engaged in the now. In an infinite...Universe there can be no past. All guilt and regret simply serve as ways to avoid being here in the only moment we have, which is now. This is where we reconnect to Spirit - now. If we choose to use up this holy instant with regrets about a past that's only an illusory thought, then we're unable to be in the joyful, loving, peaceful, present moment. Cramming this holy moment with thoughts of guilt, remorse, and regret is great for ego....and keeps us totally resistant to being in-Spirit. "


Sumana said…
"the ego wants us to regret our past"...I for one learned this when I left my home town to live a true life. What I found was, I could never just leave. I came back eventully to reclaim what was mine and that included my past. Now, I no longer morne for the belongings that I saw as belonging to another person (my male self). I have reclaimed all the good and all of the bad. I can say I am a more complete person as a result of it. No more regrets, and as for the guilt, thats a work in process. But at least its all out in the open.
Peace and thanks for this.

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