Darkness and the Duality of Humanity


"The core of the duality of humanity, self-worth, features a balance of energy...the balance of 'dark and light', yet [it doesn't] mean what you think. Some have called it a balance of energy. Some have even called it old and new. But none of those labels are [actually] correct.

Instead, [it is] an energy quotient, a seesaw of added and subtracted attributes created in much the same way as a puzzle...a puzzle that creates a struggle of one kind of energy with another. For eons, this particular self worth balance in the Human Being has been biased toward the 'dark side'.

[In fact,] there is nothing on this planet more evil or more dark than what is possible to conjure up in the human mind!

There's no evil that stands by itself on the planet. All evil is contained in the consciousness of humanity. There's no dark entity or group of entities that stand around waiting for you to slip and fall so they can take you away or capture your soul. Such stories are fear based and do not reflect the magnificence, power, or responsibility of the true Human situation.

But there is darkness, isn't there? It's created with free choice by those Humans who choose to take their consciousness to a darker or denser side. So...the darkest place on the planet is therefore what Humans have created by choice.

Remember this: You are creators of energy. Humans have the power to create darkness just as they create light. There's no judgement about this from anything around you, so the very elements of the planet will actually respond to this kind of energy and create the kind of dark magic that so many Humans are afraid of, and what many feel comes from some kind of dark place or storehouse of evil. It doesn't. I comes from Humans.

Also...dark and light are not equal energies. If you have a dark place and light comes in, darkness does not creep away into another dark place. Instead, it's transformed! Of the two, light is the only one that has an active component and a physical presence. You cannot 'beam darkness' into a light place! It can only be the other way around. This is because they aren't equal. One is the absence of the other."

~~Kryon, "Self Worth", August 2003


Amara said…
This veiw of light and darkness, light not being equal to darkness. I thought of light and dark as on a continuum...or scale..or related polarities. Good and Evil being aspects of the same coin cancelling each other out. Good and Evil really being and illusion because, one cannot exsit without the other and therefore with equal power dependent on each other for the making of what is harmonious. The polarity between the two being noticed by us now and here in this form is for the purpose of growing into the god self.
What I have found most wonderful of this piece, is the power recognised inherent within the human being. I love how responsible it makes us. Very empowering. We are the creators of energy!
I have been wondering lately as a result of more realized potential coming into the open..ie "the law of attraction", about how the powers we hold can be used. If one can use them for good then in theory one can use the same powers for the bad. Because the powers we have are givin to all, I have feared the realization of such power in the hands of people with dark intentions. Now with this piece I can meditate on the possible superior nature of "light" in a new way. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it is timely for me because I have been seeking the answer to this, because I know more "secrets" about us will emerge in these wonderous times.

Peace and love sister


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