The Venus Transit Gift

(by Michele Angelique)

Last night I had an epiphany. I now understand "why". I will show you what I discovered, but first I must give you some background on where I am coming from in a spiritual sense.

I have always been a deeply spiritual person, never in the organized religion realm, but just in always "knowing" we are all here for a grand and magnificent purpose. My spiritual training began in my early childhood, around the age of 4-5. Although I was baptized Roman Catholic at the insistence of my grandparents, my parents were hippies, and thus were explorers of many belief systems outside the Christian/Catholic realm. We never practiced any form of ceremonial religion, it was always more in-depth discussions and pondering among ourselves. My early spirituality was more based on Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism and Metaphysics. Our spirituality never had a "label", my parents just borrowed from various schools of thought and applied them to our daily lives.

My dad passed away when I was 10, although his presence in the early formative years of my life made a huge impact. I never stopped seeking, questioning, expanding my consciousness in the spiritual sense. In my life I have studied a brilliant mosaic of spiritual teachings from all areas of the globe. It was only in 1997 at the age of 25 that I discovered a source of spiritual wisdom that originates from a non-human source.

A friend introduced me to the channeled material of an entity known as Kryon. Kryon is not a "god", nor does it represent a "religion"; it does not ask for your "belief" nor your "conversion". Kryon simply speaks of the way of the Universe and humanity's purpose therein. Kryon speaks to humans in pure love and reverence, never condemning, never judging. Kryon is comparable to a genderless angel whose message feels more authentic and divine than anything I've experienced previously. For those who need "proof", Kryon has already told us *in advance* of multitudes of scientific, archaelogical, geographical, astronomical changes and discoveries. Now, governments and the science community are even paying close attention to the Kryon work.

Kryon first touched my life in 1997, and fundamentally changed ME, my understanding, my purpose. It is because of Kryon that my entire outlook on humanity was softened from one of confused distain, inner turmoil and anger, to one of celebration, acceptance and love. A new feeling of peace and belonging filled my essence, and has never left me.

Since 1992 when Kryon began its communication with humans, its teachings have become a paramount force in the New Age community. Kryon is in print worldwide, and has been hosted by the United Nations on four occasions to address the world community. Kryon has become integral to the New Age movement, which has rapidly grown over the past 20 years to now include tens if not hundreds of millions of people.

Kryon has changed millions of lives, and it can be credited as the spiritual source behind my own involvement in GenderEvolve. I have always been what Kryon refers to as a "Lightworker", and upon discovering the transgender community, I am putting down roots and becoming a "Lighthouse". Finding a "cause" didn't surprise me really, but what was still confusing me and my family/friends was "why transgender?", why not "something else?".

Last night I read a Kryon channeling that I had not read before. It speaks of the Venus Transit, which is known to science as Venus retrograde. This is happening for the 8 year period between 2004-2012. Kryon explains the energy of the Venus transit, and after reading this, my involvement with the TG community makes sense to me now... and so will it make sense to the millions of New Age community, just as soon as they make the connection between the following Kryon words, and the TG community. This is something we can hang our hats on, and gain a huge pocket of support in the New Age community! Kryon, which has millions of supporters worldwide, celebrates transgendered people! This is huge!

What this means to US is that the energy of the world is right for tremendous change! Our message will ring true, will be heard loud and clear, and will be both embraced and celebrated. I now understand "why" the transgender cause has compelled me so intensely... it's because the time for change is NOW, this is the WINDOW, and I could instinctively FEEL it. It is no wonder that I as a lightworker heard THE CALLING! Other lightworkers like myself will also feel it! I now know my purpose here among you, and my inspiration has been brought to new heights.

It is in this light which I present to you the following excerpt from a Kryon channeling in regard to the Venus Transit. To visit Kryon on the web, go to


Excerpted from Kryon Summer Light Channeling, June 2004

"... Venus, who's known to have the energy of the Goddess of Love. It's not an accident that those in mythology named it this. In the mythology, the lover [Venus] disappears for a number of days [which you call the retrograde], while it transits between your planet Earth and the sun.

The energy being transmitted to this planet now, and for the next eight years, is a loving feminine balance of love. You're going to see a balance take place that you've never seen in your lifetime. It's a balance of both Gaia and the Human in a new way.

At the moment, your earth isn't balanced. It's masculine-heavy. This has nothing to do with your gender. There is masculine and feminine energy in every Human. No matter what your gender is, the most balanced man reading and hearing this is one who has the balance of the feminine and the masculine, equally. The most balanced woman listening and reading is the one who has the masculine and the feminine equally balanced in their lives.

You've grown up on a planet where the balance hasn't been equal, and where the masculine energy has far outweighed anything else. Now, due to your efforts, the consciousness changes on Earth. The beginning of this was the 11:11, then the 12:12, then the Concordance. Now the new window brings in the best yet! Because of the new path you took, it demanded the energy of the eight. The balance and the responsibility being delivered to this planet, therefore, is energy that will eventually balance this planet, masculine and feminine.

What a change this has the potential to make! Let me tell you, there will be those who will go crazy with this new potential. It doesn't fit them and it doesn't fit what they consider to be their reality. I'll make two statements, and both of them will be of the kind called "unbelievable." (1) Masculine-heavy governments won't be able to exist on the planet. (2) No masculine-heavy religion will be able to exist on this planet. Neither one can be supported, and they won't make sense to a changing consciousness. They'll fall into the ashes of civilization. Remember that. I'll say it again before I'm done. This is the profound time we talked about that was coming.

The new news is that you're rewriting the masculine/feminine balance of this planet with the help of a new energy being delivered through the Venus Transit and the opening of this eight-year window."



adarabeth said…
I get chills as i read your words - not just from your words, but because they are the echo of what is happening in my own life, and because someone talked about the very things you are speaking of in my life at the beginning of this year... let us welcome the kryon energy into our realm...
Shannon said…
Even though I'm not a follower of Kryon, I think this is pretty cool. Michele, I love it how you have so much enthusiasm to carry our message to other groups, first to the mainstream Feminist culture and now to the New Age community. I think this is brilliant (and bring on all that Venus love energy!). Haha.

Ultimately, I think this is an idea whose time has come. I love seeing the synergy of all this. It's very exciting. One can only imagine where this'll all end up.

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