We are the Creators

Leucotea Con Dionisio

We are the creators. Natural law is our medium. Patience, courage, and belief are the colors we need to create the world we truly want.

Do I believe the world I long for is out of my control and beyond my power to change? Or do I believe the world I long for is possible and that my efforts to create such a world will prevail?

How many times have we seen one small person change the world?


”The Universe only says “Yes” to whatever we’re thinking. Yes, come unto me this thing I Want, and Yes, come unto me this thing I Don’t Want. We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to whether it is Wanted or UN-Wanted.”
~ Abraham-Hicks


Re: We Are The Creators

Dear Amara,

Thank you for this uplifting sentiment. I agree wholeheartedly. All change begins with one small person, then another, then another... without that begining spark, no momentum can be created, and no change can be affected. Someone has to be that spark, why not us?

I particularly appreciate the quote from Abraham-Hicks, which I'd never seen before. This is another concept I ponder... what if all in this life is not as it may seem? What if we as humans are more powerful than we know, to create reality around us? Science can measure the electromagnetic waves which eminate from our brains... what if these waves of thought actually have some real influence on what we draw toward ourselves? What if conscious thoughtform creates energy which cannot be seen with the physical eye, but which is no less real?

Does it seem as though people who complain and gripe tend to have their fears and concerns validated regularly because bad things actually do happen to them more often than average? What if we knew that our anxiety over negative outcomes, actually increases the probability of them occuring? What if we knew the converse were also true?

Blessed is that human who can walk peacefully into the unknown, trusting that sustainance will be provided every step, knowing the path will be laid at their feet by the power of their own conscious thoughtform working in tandem with something much bigger. Blessed is that human, indeed. Many are awakening to this potential as we speak.

Love beyond,
Amara said…
Sometimes it is very obvious when we see friends create a cynical and withdrawn life not knowing.

It can be easy for us all to give in to the pressure of opposing energy created by those that do not want us to succeed. But what we sometimes forget is that if we apply our higher intention to something, we create a balance of power that can neutralize fear and supply all with what we need over time in a manner Michele in which you have writen. I am in total agreement with your reply.

Let me just say publicly to you Michele, it cannot be easy to hear discouraging comments from the people you are trying to help. I am sorry if you have been stung by the reality that some of us do not want to be helped. But please know this, we are all here to help those that want it. I want your help..., so I ask for it and I in turn give it to those wanting it.

For those that dont...it is up to us all to make our way as we see fit. All I ask is of all my friends, please do not make my way pointless and I will leave you in peace with your way.
Leslie said…
The best way I have found to get people to change is with a smile and a kind word because anger will only set us back more and I want and like to be happy so give a smile to the people who don't understand us the Transgendered person.
Amara said…
Hi Leslie,
That is so true! It's wonderful how disarming a smile can be. So simple and yet so powerful a thing a smile is.
Hey I'm smiling at you girl!:)
Peace honey.

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