The Melding of Gender Polarity

"Right now, on this planet, one of the things that's going on with the a blending action that you can share in. There's beginning to be a meld of masculine and feminine.

Those attributes of your gender that you've taken for granted -- 'one gender is this way, one gender is that way...[and] they'll never get together in thought' -- is beginning to change. Each of you is here in one gender, so we ask you to begin to accept the attributes of the other.

You just thought [that] I asked you to look at another person, didn't you? No. I want you to see the attributes of the other gender in YOU.

You exist with the ability to meld a healthy balance of both genders within yourself to allow you to understand, and therefore co-exist, with the other gender on the planet. It makes you a far better Human Being to have a balanced mind of both polarities, even though you're the obvious biological gender of only one of them.

Let me tell you what this balance does. It brings humanity closer together! It's called consciousness melding, and it's the start of another Human consciousness change on the planet.

[It has been] talked about the yin and yang coming together and creating something you haven't seen before...a new kind of Human balance. You may not fully understand what we're telling you at this moment, but we're telling you something that some of you are beginning to feel -- women becoming stronger - men becoming more sensitive -- together, looking at each other differently and sharing the planet far better for it.

Stop seeing each other as 'opposites' or as 'adversaries', but rather as spiritual family. Stop seeing the other gender within you as a weakness! Begin to understand how each of you needs the consciousness of the other.

The result? The balanced Human Being is now able to see an overview of balance because she sees with different eyes...ones that are walking in the other's shoes, and ones that have awesome self-worth!

Blessed is the Human Being who sees the planet's glass as half-full, and who understands that the changes on the planet are needed and necessary..."

"Self-Worth", August 2003


RE: The Melding of Gender Polarity

Dearest Alysyn,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kryon is one of my primary sources of spiritual inspiration. I have read all of books 1-9, yet had not read book 10 from which this exerpt originates. As fate would have it, you picked up book 10 without having read 1-9, and found this key piece of information that I have never read before. I am truly astonished and mystified by this revelation which I've always intuitively felt to be true.

In a nutshell, Kryon is affirming that transcending societal gender roles is a key element of HUMAN EVOLUTION!! Embracing both the yin and yang inside of ourselves leads us to become wiser, more empathetic balanced individuals with richer perspectives. This is exactly what I've been saying for the past year since being introduced to the transgender community! Even our name, GenderEvolve, reflects this basic premise. The message presented here strongly reaffirms why I, as a lightworker, am so magnetized by the trans community. From the beginning, I saw this special gift in trans people and recognized the evolutionary implications. Yet I had never read or heard of any other views similar to mine in this respect. To have what I've known in my heart affirmed by a source I hold so dear is truly a dazzling ephiphany for me.

With information as clearly stated as this, the New Age community within which Kryon is so immensely popular, cannot help but open itself to acceptance, perhaps even celebration, of transgenderism.

I am profoundly grateful Aly, that you took it upon yourself to delve into a source which is so precious to my heart, and in doing so, found something so completely vital which I had missed.

That's teamwork baby!!

Love always,
Alysyn said…
What's so revelatory about this is that it's applicable to EVERYONE, not just those who identify within the tg spectrum. Those who still feel bound within a gender specific polarity are invited...even integrate those aspects of the "complimentary" gender into their perspective, not contend with it, and, as a result, gain a deeper understanding of that which has eluded so much of earth's population throughout history.

This is not to say that all men will be required to don summer dresses and strappy sandals in order to feel more feminine, nor will women be forced into...well, whatever guys do that is uniquely discover a more male understanding. What is called for is merely an allowance in personal perspective. Just as all things come about by taking small steps toward change, so this would require relatively small advances in individuals according to their sense of self worth.

We, being born with an innate sense of this, are in a unique position to herald this change and become catalysts for it within our social circles, families, communities, and/or countries. There is truly no limit to the effect we could have on the world at large, if only we were of one mind and intent.

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