The Biology of Belief

(by Stacie Ku)

Just read an interesting article in today’s (Nov 14, 2005) San Francisco Chronicle about a new book "The Biology of Belief” ( which triggered this train of thought. It is the author’s belief that our beliefs, not our DNA control our biology. Taking that premise to the extreme, might it be possible someday for someone to change gender simply by thinking about it; to change that little chromosome back to xx or xy??

Gender (external biology) and femininity/masculinity (internal psych) are not the same. Western society says our external dictates our internal, so doctors have been known to surgically chose a baby's gender when a baby is born with dual sex organs, or say a baby was a girl when it was really a baby boy with undescended testicles. The baby is then raised consistent with their external gender.

We are in this group because regardless of our physical gender, we are different inside. Could the simplified cause of transgenderism be that our mothers subconsciously want a daughter when we were conceived or during the early stages of pregnancy when our cells were still asexual?

I can remember my mother saying she wished she had a daughter when I was young. Perhaps she was hoping for a girl after I was conceived since I already had an older brother?? But because she didn’t know enough about it, or how to really do it, she was only partially successful, affecting ony my psych but not my biology?

While the mind body connection does exist, it has not been fully explored or documented to Western scientist’s satisfaction, so they disparage it. Yet remember at one time, it was accepted that the world was flat and that the Sun revolved around the Earth. How would ancient scientist explain the Internet, radio, television, the microwave over and so forth? Would they believe what they could not prove or duplicate with their ancient technology? Would those things not seem magical to them?

Was the Delphi Oracle a myth or an unexplained way of communication with unknown forces to predict the future? Is our present day weather forecasting the modern day equivalent of the Delphi Oracle?

I guess the point I am trying to make is just because we can’t understand it or explain it, does not mean it did not exist, or can not work. Our minds and subconscious works in ways we still do not understand. We have not learn to write programs for our subsoncious, we just barely know how to operate our minds. Imagine what we could do if we could reprogram our subconscious?

In the early 90’s, I did a fire walk with Tony Robbins. I actually walked barefoot across about a 15 foot bed of hot burning coals. Yet it felt like I was just walking on cool popcorn. Talk about reprogramming! It was a signature moment in changing my beliefs about what was possible.

So, while currently in the realm of science fiction, perhaps some day we can learn enough about the mind body connection to change our gender through thoughts alone.

Working on her mind body connection


Anonymous said…
Hi Stacie ...... being well aquainted with Mr. Robbins and supremely aware of belief, quantum philosophy and mind/body health ..... the biggest suggestion/GIFT I feel I could ever give someone is to have them view the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know". Everything you've talked about here is VERY real and VERY relevant. WhatTheBleepWebsite -Miranda
Hi Stacie,
I agree, we don't know what we're capable of, but there are people making strides to advance our evolution, even as there are many who keep us chained to rhetoric & sublimation. One person who I know is working to transcend that is Bonnie Cohen, and here is a link to her work..

It's worth checking out, I believe that she practices in California as well as Massachusetts...

We all seem to live at 95 miles per hour, to be able to draw on our inner energies can only serve to ground us psychologically, and allow for real transformation to occur... ;D

I also like to eat a diet rich in brainfood like potassium & lecithin & choline...

Hey, we all know that I need the ~ Bri

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