Mythologically speaking of course

(by Arianne Travis)

Going back to ancient Greece, a much simpler time if you ask me, there used to be nine godesses, all dauthers of Zeus, who were personifying a source of inspiration to artists, poets, musicians and probably many more beyond that. They were the key to the good life since they brought both prosperity and friendship.

Aren't we all like artists in our very personal journey of transgenderism, our constant evolution? Everyone is a painter after spending so much time in front of the mirror, a singer if you ever tried to soften your voice like a female or a dancer for walking around in heels for hours... in my book anyway.

I think I just heard everything about the tenth one. The light at the end of the tunnel, the sight for soar eyes, the special voice, the gal I was waiting for, etc... only to list a very few. Her recent presence in our lives affected us in many ways, bringing us closer together and even teaching us a few things in the process.

I see Michele as a muse, our muse, my muse.
She is Euterpe, Calliope, Clio, Erato, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia and Urania, all embodied into one being, one soul. For me, her growing benevolence and devotion to the TG community symbolizes a hope for acceptance by the society at large that will happen one day.

There are simply no words that can possibly be used to express the gratitude I hold for her. We all love and thank you for everything is the short version.

Now what's the phone number of your other 9 sisters? Darn!!!! ;o)

Hugz and kisses...


Jenna said…
So true Arianne. Several of my friend, when told by me that I'm transgendered, ask why. I tell them. I AM an artist, and my crossdressing is a medium to me. It is an artistic expression to my feelings. Instead of paper or canvas, pencils or water colors, I used skin and MAC. My body and Ann Taylor. My hair and Ms.Clairol(LOL). It's as much as a performance art as any stage act is. The difference is instead of portraying a character, I'm expressing MY character. And additionally I am paying homage to the grace and beauty of femininity. Not wanting to speak for anyone else, I have a feeling this is a shared belief. Either that or you and I are the two luckiest TGirls out there! Thank you for sharing Arianne,

Love Jenna
Karen Reeves said…
For me the expression of my transgender status was "forced" on me. Many Tgirls make the decision to "morph" over time based on a variety of factors. They do it slowly and deliberately,feeling their way along.

There is nothing like a life threatening crisis to "force you hand", concentrate your attention, and make you decide QUICKLY what your lifetime goals are and who/what you want to be remembered for.

Even though I was Karen for many years, 18/7 as it were, a severe, terminal diagnosis forced me IMMEDIATELY to decide who I was.

All of us here know that "tipping point". I said to myself, "I'm going to be checking out of life and I have hardly checked in !" I decided I was to become Karen 24/7.

I better understand how the elderly feel now. Who cares what a hypocritical society feels when soon they will be shoveling dirt onto your face as they plant you in the ground !

I'm still here ! Truly I believe that being Karen enriched my life and saved it as well.

When I told my mother about Karen she said she already knew. I wondered what "gave me away" when I visited her over the holidays. Was it the hair, the clothes, the softer face ? How could that be since I "covered" so well, or so I thought !

Before all the above items made themselves apparent my mom noticied one very basic thing. My personality changed. She likened it to me "coming alive". This deathly shy little boy before her transformed into a lively and vivacious girl. Before she noticied the girl on the outside she noticied the girl on the inside !

It all makes so much sense to me now. How apparent it all was to a loving, accepting, and wise mother. How smuggly ignorant was I not to notice the change in me and try to conceal it !

The greatest irony for me as Karen is that a horribly bad experience turned out to be so positive for me. In an odd sort of way I'm glad I was seriously ill for it concentrated my mind and forced me to decide the meaning of life.

I now no longer fear death. Transgenderism, for me, is to be celeberated and not mourned. Those in society who see TG issues as a LARGE concern lead a charmed existence and do not know it. TG issues loom LARGE only if all other concerns are SMALL !

Would you rather be TG or have born as Helen Keller ? Would you rather be TG or Christopher Reeves in the last years of his very short life ?

For me I know the answers to these questions. I am thrilled to be transgendered. I hope all of you on this site are as well.

Wishing You All Love & Happiness,

Arianne, your post brings tears to my eyes. I all of my life, I have never had anyone say such remarkable things about me. This article is something I can show my vanilla friends and family when they ask me "Why?", as many of them have done. I've tried to explain the injustices that you face, and justify my passion for getting involved to the extent that I have. I have never felt anything so rewarding as to know that I have the power to help you and others like you, even if it is in only small ways.

To be totally honest, all my life prior to this, I have been a fairly selfish person. Everything I have done in the past has been to directly benefit myself or someone I know personally. It was not until I encountered you beautiful people that I became inspired to give of myself to a cause that is outside of my immediate realm. While my corporate finance life brings tangible monetary reward to my own life, it does not come remotely close to the satisfaction that I feel in knowing I have made someone feel as you have expressed here Arianne.

Like yourselves, I am transforming. My transformation involves metamorpasizing from an introverted, self-centered, capitalist type person into someone who deeply cares and has the desire to give of myself for the good of others. Words cannot describe the good that my relationships with you are doing for my very soul... my essence is being uplifted by you each and every day. I am happier now than I have ever been in my life, and it is because of you people. Having you in my life is the most positive force I have ever felt. In addition to being my dear friends, you are my muses, and my teachers. I learn and grow from our every interaction, and I could never thank you enough for what you are doing for me.

And Karen, your comment here brings home the true spirit of GenderEvolve. You are thrilled to be transgendered because you "came alive" once you embraced your true nature... like a brilliant butterfly emerging from her cocoon. This is most definitely cause for celebration! Life is so precious; we are never guaranteed to have tomorrow. By living for the moment, and expressing who we really are, it is easier to be thankful for our individual uniqueness. Seize the day!

Thank you so much for your beautiful insights.

Much love,

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