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Happy Rebirthday to Me!!!

I have reached what to me is a first of many milestones to come in my life. I have officially been on HRT for one year as of Good Friday (appropriate day to start huh!). I can say that my experiences so far, though occasionally bittersweet, have been positive ones. Being a transsexual woman in Saskatchewan is an adventure to say the least.

I have been full time living as a female for about 5-6 months and have had what can only be described as a comedic ride thus far (my sense of humor is slightly warped). Since coming out I have felt at total ease with myself with who I am and have developed a sense of pride in being true to myself. Initially the reactions I got kind of bothered me. I don't know how well prepared I was to be stared at by everyone (having green hair in high school helped). I admit over time I have become more accustomed to the attention and have changed my perspective. I think I'm doing a good job of rattling the sensibilities of this old fashioned town and ever…

The Beauty of a Woman

The Beauty of a Woman...

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure she carries, or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart,
The place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
It is the caring that she lovingly gives,
The passion that she shows.
The beauty of a woman
With time, only grows..


Beauty Facts on Figures...

~ There are 3 billion women who don't look like super models, and only eight who do.

~ Did you know Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14 ?

~ If Barbie was a real woman, she'd have to walk on all FOURS due to her proportions!

~ The average woman weighs 144 pounds, and wears between a size 12-14.

~ One out of every 4 college-aged women has an eating disorder.

~ The Models in the magazines are AIRBRUSHED!!! - NOT Perfect!!

~ A psychological study in 1995 found that 3 minutes spent looking at a fashion magazine …

A Quantum Focus

Good Day Sisters, I found this piece helpful to me and seemingly very wise so I wanted to share it.

Blessed Be... Amara

Focus On The Solution

According to Quantum Physics, focusing actually causes changes in energy fields that automatically produce a physical change in your surroundings.

Instead of focusing on the problem, you need to focus on the solution — the outcome that you desire. Unfortunately 95% percent of people focus on what they fear, instead of what they want out of life.

It’s kind of like driving down the road and seeing a pothole. If you focus intently on staring at the pothole, intending to miss it, what happens? Of course! You run smack dab into it.

It’s the same in all areas of life. When you focus on your fears, you make them your reality.

Focus on doing exactly what it takes to get the outcome you want.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see that the key to success is this:
The more you focus on what you Want, the more your desires will manifest themselves in your life.


We are the Creators

Leucotea Con Dionisio
We are the creators. Natural law is our medium. Patience, courage, and belief are the colors we need to create the world we truly want.
Do I believe the world I long for is out of my control and beyond my power to change? Or do I believe the world I long for is possible and that my efforts to create such a world will prevail?

How many times have we seen one small person change the world?


”The Universe only says “Yes” to whatever we’re thinking. Yes, come unto me this thing I Want, and Yes, come unto me this thing I Don’t Want. We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to whether it is Wanted or UN-Wanted.”
~ Abraham-Hicks

Learning to Love Yourself

It Begins With You...

We've all heard it countless times before, "To experience true love, we first must love ourselves," or some variation of such. However it is stated, the importance of self love is vital to becoming a healthy, whole, human being. We are all children of the universe, created out of love. We accept and love other people, animals, nature, all that comes from the same source as we do. We too then, are worthy of our own love. To honor oneself with love and acceptance is to honor the universe that created us.

Self love is about fully embracing oneself, realizing one's strengths and accepting one's flaws. Self love is not about being self-centered or self-absorbed, which is based on insecurity and not knowing oneself. True self love is a guarantee that we will not succumb to such selfish pursuits. For if we truly love ourselves we know that we do not need to be the best looking, most talented, or have the most possessions. When we love ourselves, we a…

What Is The Point??

My Dearest Sisters,

It has not escaped notice that the majority of you have not yet signed our petition. Presumably there is a reason you are unsupportive of the initiative. A couple of you have contacted me stating misgivings such as "what is the point?" or "what benefit would the trans community get out of this?".

I am actually quite surprised at these questions and the silent resistance that most of you are conveying. I thought "the point" would be obvious, but since it's not, I will do my best to explain.

Question: What is the point of petitioning the only world-wide body which represents peace on earth to recognize you as equal human beings?

1) Violence Against Transwomen is Alarmingly High

Human Rights Campaign claims that 1 out of every 12 transgendered persons in the United States will die by murder. Visibly transgendered sisters have an 8.3% chance of being murdered!!! compared to .0055% chance within the general population. (please bear in m…

Transgender Petition to the United Nations

As citizens of the world, we petition the United Nations to revise the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from "all women and men" to "all people". The United Nations stands for human equality and freedom from discrimination for any reason, including gender. Yet the term "women and men" is exclusionary of all people whose gender cannot be described by either category.

We also urge that you change the term "sex" to "gender", within Article 2, "Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status."

The transgender population of the world is rapidly growing, yet we face grave misunderstanding, prejudice and injustice on a daily basis. In the absence of recognition as a distinct and equal subset of humanity, transgendered people do not…

Beauty and the Brain


I've always considered myself an intelligent, thinking person. I've rated the cerebral more important than other considerations in dealing with people. Heck, my top considerations for finding a wife were that she was well read and I could have conversations. I'm fairly tolerant Gay, Straight, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Male, Female, but I do not suffer fools lightly. I've been characterized as one of those people who is too smart for their own good.

I suppressed my transgender inclinations for so long partly because of the perceived "moral" implications, but in point of fact, to me it just made no sense. Engaging in an activity that would make me the target of people’s negative attention, when I felt I had a choice in the matter, seemed rather stupid. It made no sense to me to put on make up, clothes etc. to just stay at home and look in the mirror, so why do it? I could not even imagine going out in public as I do now.

My wife, o…

Love and Honor Your Body


The body is a sacred garment. It's your first and last garment; it is what you enter life in and what you depart life with, and it should be treated with honor. --Martha Graham

"Which comes first, learning to love our bodies or possessing a positive body image? Either way, it works. If you don't possess a positive body image - and most of us don't - learning to love our body can help you develop one. 'If you can learn to like how you look, and not the way you think you look,' Gloria Steinem assures us, 'it can set you free.'

The time has come for us to realize that until we work in increasing our self-esteem by loving ourselves in small ways, we can't begin changing ourselves for the better in big ways. We must start by choosing to break the self-destructive cycle of unrealistic expectations, especially our own.

Starting today, shun the world's ideal of beauty, because it's constantly changing. Cleopatra longed for varicose veins, …

A Life Lesson in Trans-Femininity

Imagine yourself as a five-foot-five, slim, curvaceous, and amazingly attractive woman, the best looking woman in the casino night club, a fem fatale. It’s after hours, but the club is bustling with activity. Now see yourself saunter like a feline into the center bar filled to maximum capacity with all sorts of upscale ladies and gents. Imagine that all eyes fixate on your every movement, on your curves, on your lovely feminine features. You take your place at the bar as two seats open up for you and your friend like the parting of the Red Sea.

Without even getting the chance to settle in, you are immediately approached by a dark, mysterious looking stranger, and then another, and then another. In fact, a half dozen men are vying for your attention simultaneously each trying to outdo their competitors to get close to you, to win some conversation time with you. The women examine you from afar, admiringly and often with envy.

For the next several hours, you are inundated by countless off…

Beautiful Fields

A sacred ground where many holy wars have been fought
My teachers told me long ago, the war to end all wars would be fought here
The blood that has fed this ground for millennia is mine
What a beautiful field this land has become
Its rolling pastures betrays its bloody past and its dangerous remains
Yet I still crawl across its rich and fertile soil with javelin scar on my side
For there are many, many mines in places to numerous to remember
And though the war has been fought and won on this front
I must remove the traps of death I laid in the distant and violent past
In silence I find them as I inch my way forward
With my dagger prodding the gentile earth
With each sink of the blade I close my eye
Yet with expert skill, I still await the blast that has fallen many
In my quite and tranquil fields
I have not forgotten, Lord knows I have not forgotten
A great iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death in the ski
That rained pain and longing on my mortal soul
My field is rich now and it will feed ma…

"The Secret" ~ Campari Ad

Take a look at this beautiful gender-bending Campari ad, entitled "The Secret", in light of the following exciting information...

This Campari ad was a Finalist for the Epica 2005 Awards which is Europe's Premier Creative Awards. It was created in Great Britain by Radical.Media for BBDO Milan. It was awarded a Silver medal in the Film category. See the very unique and flashy Campari website. The company even provides a PDF version of "The Secret" for download

It's exciting to note the huge world-wide corporate players who commissioned the production of this piece. BBDO is the lead agency in Omnicom's portfolio. The group has long held a commanding position as one of the world's most prestigious networks, with 290 offices in 77 countries. Its regional agencies are among the most admired in their local market, for example the UK's AMV BBDO or Australia's Clemenger.

The agency is widely admired for the quality of its creative work, and regularly f…

Ego's 7 Dominating Messages

(Adapted from the book "Inspiration", by Dr. Wayne Dyer)

(Aly's note: I found this chapter very intruiguing, and wanted to share it with everyone here. I'm sure we'll all take different things from it, or nothing at all, but here it is for your consideration...)

"1. The ego says, "You're a body." The Holy Spirit says, "You're not even a person -you're just like Me, your Source of being." This teaching shows that our ego insists we're impermanent, which is opposed to our being what Lao-tzu (the mystical teacher of the 6th century B.C.) taught: that which never changes. ...everything we experience [on Earth], including our body, returns to dust to be recycled by Spirit. Our ego finds this concept impossible to accept.

2. The ego says, "Your thoughts are very important." The Holy Spirit insists, "Only thoughts you think with God are real - nothing else matters." This teaching explains that thougts c…

My Son Wears My Clothes

“Mom can I go through your make-up drawers and take some stuff you’re not using anymore?”
“Mom can I borrow some of your clothes?”
“Mom does my hair look all right?”
“Mom do you have any shoes that would fit me?”
“Mom do these clothes look good together?”

These are some of the questions I have been asked over the years from not my daughter, but my teenage son.

When he was growing up I missed all the signs that my son could possibly be transgendered. Perhaps it’s because I am such an open person and always tried to encourage my kids to be who ever they wanted to be and to follow their dreams. I have never hid my trans friends from them. I wanted them to grow up accepting everyone and I believe I have accomplished that task. They thought nothing of coming home from school and finding me and a bunch of tgirls sitting in the living room gabbing. They were never embarrassed to invite their friends over were mine were there. Even when they were old enough to make choices for themselves, they had …

I Emailed The United Nations

I emailed the United Nations today. I am not sure how far it will go or if they will even read it but at least I tried and I will keep trying.

Dear Secretary General, Members of State and Representatives.

After reading through the Declaration of human rights, I believe it is of utmost importance to request an International Transgender day.
There are far too many hate crimes against individuals in the TG Community. These include physical attacks, verbal abuse and even murder. The road to recognizing and understanding Transgender people must begin somewhere. The sooner this happens, the better.
Transgender people should not have to live in fear. You're Declaration of rights states:
"Article 1.All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
Article 2.Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind,…

April 1st: Playing Dress-up: Empowering Your Authentic Self with Fun

"Learn the craft of knowing how to open your heart and to turn on your creativity. There's a light inside of you." ---Judith Jamison

"Today - All Fool's Day - is a day that for centuries has been associated with high spirits and merriment. It's a perfect day for us to remember the importance of lightening up. A lighthearted sense of spontaneity is closely aligned with Spirit. Think of the brother who makes you laugh or the friend who will call you up and ask you to meet her on the spur of the moment for an ice-cream cone. Don't you just love to be in their company?

Lighthearted people possess the special gift, as dancer Judith Jamison tells us, of being able to open up their hearts to life and turn on their creativity. Perhaps it is because these special people still honor the child within. This sacred craft of Knowing is one that we can gradually learn to nurture on the path we have chosen.

Children love to play dress-up. Think of the excitement of…