A Sisters Poem

She called to me, when I was so small.
Alone in the dark, under my bed I crawl

As a fetus I would curl, feeling the essence of her being
In a magical sea, beyond my years in dreaming

When the day broke to go outside
The dream and waking life would soon collide

It was her touch in so innocent a mind
Making the truth crash with the world outside

The world pushed me under to slowly drown
But she left me something, that would not go down

Like a lotus born under surface my life would go on
Until one day a flower would feel the sun at dawn

Like a jewel in the heart, the spirit she gave me
Now I praise my goddess for all the world to see

Her lesson is not only for those with a life stark
Let the easy notice, that none should be in the dark

Be youself, it will always be worth the cost
If others see an illusion, u will not be the one lost

Have faith! sometimes its a road with only you
You have everything you need to make it through

Truth is your light and love is your guide
You are the first to know, no one should ever hide.

We are the priestess and goddess of old
Be true to one-self and join the fold.

Love and truth are all of our gifts to give
How well can we give it, if under the surface we live?

Hold back no longer for the world needs your gift
of healing and truth and dance and spirits to lift

our contribution to the world can be greater than most
so conflict and pain may be your host

but the reward is glory and light and love
an owl of wisdom, a leopard of strength, and a white dove


Alysyn said…
Very sweetly expressed.

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