Stealth III

Stealth III

I've discussed with several Post-Op transsexuals all the elements involved in becoming stealth after the physical & legal changes are complete. Finally their psyche, body and soul are synchronized and there is nothing to halt them from living as they felt they should have been born. Most I have talked to want to be stealth in terms of never having to disclose their past. They want to engage in a relationship in which everything goes pretty much as if they were born in a female body. Therefore, they seek for a relationship with a man. Naturally a few prefer to relate to a woman & in my view that offers better possibilities. A relationship with a man differs. Pregnancy is one factor as most men would like to have a child with the woman they love. Then she must disclose the reasons why she cannot bear a child or make a believable story, not a good scenario.

From Wikipedia: Deception is the act of convincing another to believe information that is not true.

Deception involves concepts like propaganda, distraction and concealment. Fiction, while sometimes manipulative, is not a deception unless it is portrayed as the whole truth; not to be confused with half-truths.

Read incognito as well.

Anyone that discovers their partner’s secret is not going to react positively. The consequences will vary, depending in several factors that I will not fully cover here, but the principle is that trust has been betrayed. Without trust it is impossible to resume in a loving/nurturing relationship. I believe in the possibility that after a long and nurturing relationship, compassion and forgiveness may be applied. However, this is mostly due to the ability of the person to forgive and get in touch with the depth of their feelings with whom they love. However physical and mental anguish are the alternate possibility as there are more homophobic men than those in touch with compassion. Those men will act accordingly to their level of education, ability to open their mind, religious background, & social status.

Is the potential danger worth it? In my view, no, it is not by any means. There is no way such facts can be hidden 100%. A few have told me that they will volunteer to reveal their secret once they are convinced their potential partner is truly interested in a steady/long lasting relationship. Not wise as well, in my view.

A few others have told me to be able to disclose their past right up front when they see the need for. That is not stealth. So what is it for them? It is no more than removing themselves for the XG world and it's members. I already mentioned (blogII) the reasons many had shared with me. I can sympathize with them, but here I go again with the same drumming it is not going to take care of the problem. It can help to deal with the symptoms but the disease is left untouched.

We have no other option but to take care of the disease. But why me? Well, that is if we really want to make ourselves free. Who knows? Possibly there will be a day in which science, society, religion, moral views may accept the fact this is not the result of a gone wrong ability to cope with life as we received it. It is something that naturally happens and we, the owners of such had no choice but to face it, deal with it and honor it. Then we may be understood, accepted and supported. A change that will be extremely hard to achieve not only due to lack of an open mind, but serious financial issues such as the insurance companies having to pay for the procedures required. I want to emphasize that the problem is not exclusive of insurance companies, but the medical industry as a whole. However, if such mentality would be changed the cost of many of those procedures would be easily removed or modified for the better. Early transitioning could take place and that would make the whole process better, faster and cheaper.

We need to be out under the sun and show everyone who we are and let them see that we are not a small number. No matter how we identify under the transgender umbrella, all XG people can have a positive influence on our future. We can all participate in the building of our society by providing the kinds of services/goods we choose as our means to living, we pay taxes, we vote, we affect our immediate environment with our presence and as well, we are a very important element to our global environment. Not taking care of our world problems cost twice as much while wasting valuable resources. But if we would actively participate, at least we are given a chance. There are many rotten apples that will not be changed, but we can do as much as we can to make sure no more of those apples sprout from our gardens! All that is only possible if we come out, become visible with our own and truthful realities and voice ourselves.

There have been historical characters in our world that changed forever the way we deal with and look at everything! Who's to say you cannot be one? That is exactly the premise that produced changes in our history & they were not stealth by any means. Possibly many pay a high price to it, but aren't we all paying as much? Yes, we are, whether XG or not. We can ripple our appreciation towards life and others as we become active in the formation of our future. If you know or feel that you will not be the direct benefactor of such, at least you can take the satisfaction of knowing you can make it possible for the new generations to come even if we don't get the benefit of seeing it!

Please think about it and take any kind of action you can. Staying invisible to the radar doesn't do anything for you at all, to the contrary you have to disguise yourself like something you are not and after you've trying to disguise yourself as what you truly are, why to go back to the same by simply going to other side of the extreme? Think about it.

I want to thank Alexis for condensing/proofing my 3 Stealth blogs. W/o her help this task would be the same. Thank you Sweetheart!


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