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Some of us may be aware that Donna Rose, a well known member of the trans community and a Board member at HRC has resigned. Having read HRC's stance on ENDA and its decision to oppose immediate markup of the bill, and Joe Solomonese's speech at SCC in September, I found her convictions refreshing.

While HRC is now scrambling to recover, PassENDAnow, and this latest statement from Joe Solomonese both are pushing for full support of an inclusive ENDA, not the Barney Frank proposed and Nancy Pelosi supported "Cert's" bill, " Two, two, two bill's in one". Is this too late to regain support from the trans community? Were they always onboard and just looking for a way to delay the markup in order to truly garner the votes needed?

I say it doesn't matter.

Anything short of an immediate rebuke to Rep. Frank's proposal and a call to action from the entire GLBT community in support of that position is unacceptable. It says they would be willing to "sell" us out. It draws into question their only recent conversion to include transgender rights.

People , this is nothing new for HRC, the HALF Rights Campaign.

The ironic thing is it is all a moot point. The current administration will veto it. Our solidarity would encourge those wavering on passage to have the courage the next time it is introduced. Yet movement on this bill was to show force and unity from the GLBT community.

And HRC flinched.


Michelle Kelley said…
I completely agree. I feel that we've been effectively sacrificed to "save" others. I was discussing it with my therapist and I realized that I feel like we've been branded as the queerest folk in the queer community - too far out for anyone to accept (according to members of the gay community who all too recently were in the same boat). That the bill has no chance of avoiding veto just makes it worse.
Anonymous said…
One should read what Donna Rose has to share(follow link below)after the events of an extremely expensive thirty days have taken their course. I feel she has done a remarkable job defining some of the characters who successfully participated in the division of this community even with half bitten tongue.

The question post ENDA 3685 passing the House of Representatives 235-184 on 11/07/07 may be one of how long it may take to recover the community to a place we felt existed just 60 days ago this week.~A~

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