All of us know something about what it means to face what we are. There will always be a time when we can remember the bravery it took to express what is true about our experience especially at those times when we are completely alone doing it.
Sometimes we do so with an enormous amount of energy. But the "fight" to face all that we fear is won far easier with a gentile persuasion that comes from the fullest acceptance of not only our strengths but also an honest acknowledgement of our greatest weaknesses as well. Love your weakness the same that you would love what is glorious about you and what was once ugly and frail also becomes the fuel of what lifts you to greater awareness. On the other side of the token, deny what is glorious and you will stop dead in your tracks.

Embrace all that is you. Your darkest and brightest self. Fight or dismiss any aspect of what you are and you will fall and drift and float from one pain, to another, one numbing call to the next. Do not wince away from all that makes you uncomfortable.
Each time we fight what we fear, we block ourselves from the next level of evolvement and our consciousness stagnates, and thus we suffer the same tired something over and over again. This happens because we never come to terms with its cause, because to fight it is to deny it.
Take your fear by the hand, look at it, observe it, and breathe in the place where peace and chaos meet, and acknowledge its place in your experience and then turn to watch a certain harmony and grace make your next step. It is then we learn a divine truth, and return a great gift to humankind, because it is in our own personal enlightenment that we bring the greatest gifts to the world. Embrace the paradox that is you.


RE: PARADOX by Amara

Wow! Amara, this is brilliant, truly I am in awe of your depth and insight. Once again your writing hits home for me, at the time when I most need to hear it. This is personally meaningful to me because I am a living breathing paradox. As light as my bright side is as dark as my other side. Although most of the time, only my light side manifests, there are times when the other rears its ugly head. People online have a misperception of me to be some kind of "angel", yet this is just one aspect of me. It is difficult at times to maintain perceptions of 100% angel when that is not the truth of me.

The other day someone in our circle labeled me as "menacing, vindictive, selfish, venomous, cold, vain, vulnerable, demanding, heartless", then followed up by saying "Give me something to sing your praise about here. I don't know much of anything about you. We don't want what I do know. Do we?" I was initially hurt by the attack and even moreso by the insinuation that this darker side is something I ought to hide, as if I would lose all my friends if anyone found out about this part of me. I don't pretend to be what I am not, so I must admit that everything she said about me is true. Under some circumstances, I am capable of being all of those things. To deny the existence of this part of me is to only love myself partially, in which case how can I hope anyone else can love me in totality? I know I am not perfect, and yet I must love all parts of myself anyway if I wish to evolve as a person.

So Amara honey, I agree completely that it is important to recognize and take ownership of all parts of ourselves, not only the light side. For the darker qualities still exist and if denied will only linger and grow stronger. The only way to transmute dark into light is to regard it lovingly. Thank you so much for sharing sister. You hit the nail on the head yet again.

Much love,
Amara said…
Yes! Yes! "The only way to transmute dark into light is to regard it lovingly" Well said!

That must have been quite a burden being angel 100% of the time! Made your bitch much stronger huh?...I know my bitch (the weak, fearful, defensive, little retch) matches my goodness with equal amounts of venomus pain if I dont embrace her when she comes to my door...(I give all the attention and care she needs, now I feel compassion for her, because she is the only one that can open certain doors my angel could never find)
But now we know you are also a bitch! Good! Because it is the same Michele, bitch and angel on the same plain, the same one that makes her the angel we all know. Without it you would not be who you are, because your bitch and angel live in the same house. Your BITCH like your angel is just another guide from the beyond!

Peace girl
Re: PARADOX by Amara

Amara I had to come back and read your piece a few more times because honestly that's some of the best advice I've ever read. I couldn't agree more. I feel inspired so I just want to ramble on this topic a bit.

It is not that we should succomb to our darker sides; rather acknowledge and treat our weaknesses with compassion. Whenever possible, transform our weaknesses into sources of strength. The same raw emotions of rage, frustration, anger, can be the fuel that fires positive change. Rather than deny or try to run from ourselves, if we recognize all parts dark and light, giving each a place and a role, we find greater inner peace, balance and tranquility. This is not to say we should abandon ourselves to our weaknesses nor indulge in hurtful behavior without remorse. Rather, when our dark sides invariably manifest on occasion, we can be wise and self aware enough see through our own clouded perspectives. We can admit and learn from our mistakes and evolve as a result.

You make profound statements Amara about the inter-relations of the inner angel and bitch. So very true! Mine often work together, as you say "on the same plain". To say that my bitch and my angel "live in the same house" and are both "guides from beyond" makes total sense to me. So now the secret is out, as much an angel as I am, I am also a bitch. I am sorry to those who have been hurt by or even exposed to my bitch side, as there have been a few to be sure. I am some combination of angel, bitch, executive, vixen, diva, scallywag, lost little girl, among others... they are all aspects of me, which together comprise a unique entity. Fortunately for us all, my angel's usually at the helm.

Thanks Amara for helping me regain perspective... peace to you sister <3
Amara said…
Those comments I made come from an inspiration I had to repeat. We are in a place to get the sense of it so I had to give Rumi room to speak, lol enjoy is one of my favorate poems...

~The Guest House~

This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they're a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

Further to this topic, my horoscope today seems so on track with what we are speaking of...

... from

The warm glow of unconditional love may fill you today, giving you a new, kinder perspective on everyone around you. From this place of total acceptance, you may be able to see and appreciate the intrinsic value of others. This is a powerful balm for any negative feelings that can arise, because when we can see the beauty of other people, we can relate to them. We may then be able to put ourselves in their places, and not take their actions personally. This may mean that we forgive rather than get upset at those who speed by us on the highway; we can imagine that they are perhaps filled with urgent fear for a loved one and therefore forgive them for their driving. Or we may be able to understand that perhaps the impatient person in line may not be feeling well, or may have had a difficult day. Unconditional acceptance of others can lift our spirits today as we see everything through the eyes of love.

Unconditional love and acceptance helps us to rise above the mundane to see others and their interactions from a higher perspective. From that vantage point, we can see that we are all connected and share the same light. Accessing the deeper understanding that allows us to empathize with others, we send out waves of love and acceptance, knowing they are felt and making a difference in the energy that surrounds us all. Acting from a place of unconditional love today, we brighten our space and bring peace and joy to the world around us.
Rosa Raquel said…
We all have both polarities in ourselves, however we are taught that we should give more enfasis to what we think is better. For example we prefer being "good" than being "bad" or being "smart" than "dull", being "bright" than "dark" etc.
Sometimes we put ourselves in extreme stress to follow those guidelines. But IMHO being transgendered and having expressed our condition openly we have transcended a traditionally forbiden barrier (i.e. to choose our gender regardless our genetic sex). That strenght, of course, can make us to understand context related boundaries and with the help of our higher self take decisions that otherwise may seem wrong or with equivocal direction.
In some circumstances that attitude may isolate us in the short term but my experience tells me that on the long run the outcome has made me closer to my higher ideals.
And of course, as the Rumi's quote implies, an empty hand can receive more than an already full one.
But above all that Love is the best ruler. It is just that Love takes thousand dresses, and sometimes it is a tricky task to identify it on other's actions.

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