Love is not always an easy thing to deal with. When we are in love with someone, we can feel as if the world is at our command. Then there are times when being in love can crush us with the weight of the world we once thought we could conquer.
Sometimes no matter how hard we try and sing each others song the melody is not the same and so eventually we stop singing. But love always seems to remain. I think it does because when we get close enough to someone, we cant help but to feel some sense of the wonder and beauty that belongs to the other. That is a glorious lesson and one that shows how uniquely wonderous each person is and how connected we all trully are.
The memory of how we gave what we had to another can only foster the deepest sentiment in us for what the other offered even after we stopped taking what gifts there were.
The duration of a love, is a mark in the history of another, a place in time where we can trully look back and know how much we grew as a result of the experience with that person. It becomes an indelible thing that makes up the rest of our lives even after we move on.

We may all have loved and lost, but we did make a song...a one of a kind melody that can be sung by no two people again.

For Michele and Aly


~Sweet~ said…
This was really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it.
Re: LOVE AND SONG by Amara

Dear Amara,

That was the most eloquent and beautiful perspective I have ever read on the topic. The comparison to a song, "a one of a kind melody that can be sung by no two people again" was inspiring to me at a time when I felt so much may have been in vain. Yet you remind me that even when the singers stop singing, perhaps the song can live on in positive ways. Thank you so much for writing this, and thank you for not being afraid to openly support two sisters who both need it so dearly right now. Blessings to you honey.

Love & light,
Rosa Raquel said…
Music requires time to be lived, Love too requires time. And time being infinite, boundless brings surprises when we do not expect them. Its melody, sometimes melancholic, some times joyful may bring tears to our eyes.
How long we are meant to be togheter we do not know, however that span time, limited for the mind's view, is boundless and keeps its mysterious nature as the full time as the drop has the same nature of the ocean.
So, for our inner selves it is always there ready to show us its shine and beauty.

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