Embracing Your Gender Opposite

Woman or man, each human being is whole. We are all a compendium of many different forms of energy that interact to create a balanced person. To be human, therefore, is to be both gender specific (man or woman) and gender complemented (masculine and feminine). It may sound strange to say that in every person there exists both female and male aspects, but these aspects are tightly interwoven within each of us and learning to access these aspects can help you understand parts of yourself that were previously hidden by a lack of knowledge. Denying this unique polarity can lead to feelings of frustration and confusion, while embracing your gender opposite can bring about a sense of harmony and peace within your soul, a completeness.

It may seem natural to say that in women, the female aspect is dominant, and in men, the male aspect is dominant, but this isn't always the case, nor is it healthy to attempt to conform to such standards when they don't correspond to who you are. The innate gender aspects will be expressed in many different ways throughout your life. A man may be receptive, nurturing, and empathic in one instance, and analytical and heroic in another. Likewise, a woman may be protective, assertive, and directive, as often as she is intuitive, creative, and mysterious.

The male has his female side, just as the female has her male side, and either may be prevalent. Encouraging those aspects to work together through meditation or visualization is one way to honor both the masculine and feminine side of you. You may want to inwardly request that your aspects converse to determine if they are working as mature and bonded partners, or, because of emotional trauma, are working against each other.

Though the differences between the male and female aspects create a dynamic tension, it is possible for one aspect to entirely (and unhealthily) overshadow the other. Some people believe that the soul will be housed in bodies of both sexes during their many incarnations. Part of who we are is based on the interaction between the feminine and masculine aspects, akin to the interplay between the forces of yin and yang. Though, at different times, each of us may feel truly masculine or truly feminine, a well-rounded personality derives from the blending of both qualities.

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we need more counselors who are sensitive to young children who feel they are one sex while their families may be pushing them to be the other. however gently they push, it just adds to the difficulties the child is having.
I hope young transgenders would consider careers that would help others.

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