The Entrance of DJ MsDD

Yes tis true. DJ MsDD is now making her entrance into the beautiful universe of Gender Evolve. A media personality, such as I am (thanks to the webcast medium and to the Boston PHOENIX, my hosts), has a professional obligation to make a splashy entrance; this is mine. Please enjoy...

The link I've provided is to my MySpace page. There you'll find THA MUZIK that keeps me radiant and a large number of friends of MOI. Just about all of us belong to HOUSE NATION, dedicated to the workd wide house music movement. It's a club moment, is house; as DJ Rooster & Peralta's song "Pornokopia" puts it, "...stsarts to rock at a club about twelve o'clock." We work the graveyard shift! In the deep dark we shine with a dusky sexy light, we house music people. Many of us are trannys -- have been ever since house music began, in Chicago in the 1980s, very much as a gay Black male's thing (though always with a significant cast of gorgeous GG's, mostly Black too). Even now, 20 years later, the constant core of House Nation is gay guys, trannys, and gorgeous dance-crazy gals. And THA MUZIK, soulful, throbbing, sweaty, dark, and deep. Spiritual, body & soul.

There, on the dance floors where "pornokopia rocks" -- "pornokopia's not dirty, it's just a time when girls get flirty" you'll find us. And find MOI. Wearing my usual: heels, jeans, BabYphat tank top and baseball cap. It's my signature -- and a very DJ signature it is. No house music DJ would DREAM of spinning without wearing his or her baseball cap. Visor forward, too, unlike in hip hop where folks wear their visors backward. Thats because house is a forward music, an optimistic, glad music. We're glad to be here, glad to be dancing, glad just to BE. In THA MUZIK we celebrate our BE-ing and the BE-ing of all who dance on the floor with us.

I understand that the tranny world of DJ MsDD is way different from that of most of my GenderEvolve girlfriends. And different from the experiences of most TG people. In seven years as a trannyt on the 'net, I've met hundreds & hundreds of TG sisters, almost all of whom come from the same mainstream, middle-America environs that most Americans live in. I have found myself way apart from that mainstream. I'm an urban chic from an urban background; I'm a second generation "inkhorn" (i.e., newspaperwoman, as was my Mom) at an urban newspaper; I'm a music person in an idiom as outside the box as music can get, music whose antecedents played in New Orleans brothels and juke joints in Storyville and which continues to play in venues with a tainted reputation. So be it. Those taints are my tranny support system. In our venues we outside-the-box people sustain one another, just as our antecedents did 90 years ago in New Orleans where & when jazz was born. Jazz then was a music of pimps, whores, trannys, gamblers, players, outlaws of all kinds. House music's scene isn't quite THAT devilish, but we sure won't win any awards for Leaguie of Women Voters uprightness, will we? As I said before, our apartness is our support system, each for each. Being ac tranny in the house music scene is simply one way -- my way too -- of saying "Yes, I belong; I'm just like you" to all the rest of House Nation.

So there it is, and here am I. Ambassador to GenderEvolve from House Nation. I'm here to embrace all of my GE sisters -- and to coax you into the dark, deep, over and outside the box world of House Nation -- and its music. I come to you with LOVE and "BIG RESPECT," as we citizens of H.N. say to each other by way of greeting.

xoxoxo >>>> DJ MsDD / Boston Phoenix New Media


Alysyn said…
Dee Dee, I'm glad that your influence IS so different from the "typical". We don't desire that everyone here come from any mainstream pre-determined ideology, but that we all share with one another those truly unique perspectives which have shaped and molded us into the women we've become on every level. I admit that I know next to nothing about the background from whence you come, so I look forward to everything you have to share with me...and us, of course. Welcome home.


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