Restroom Madness

In a recent article in Newsday, a writer asks advise on how to deal with a male-to-female transsexual that is in transition at work. The writer, a man, was taken back and uncomfortable when "Karen" exited the men's room.

I had to laugh because usualy the yells are from TSs using the ladies room, as if transwomen were somehow invading and violating holy ground. We've all been reading about such confrontations nationwide. Why "Karen" was in the men's room is any one's guess; perhaps it was company policy, perhaps being known at work previously as a man she was trying not to intrude into the ladies room until her transition was complete.

But it does make one wonder what the eventual solution will be. Perhaps if we all just start peeing in the hallways the "normal" people will allow us to finally use a restroom without screaming foul.

"Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund announced Monday that it has reached an agreement with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City that allows people to use MTA public restrooms in accordance with their gender expression." Source:


Alysyn said…
It's possible that she is still comfortable using the urinals. Or, it's also very possible that she figured that if she were to presume to use the ladies room it would create the obvious outcries, and took the dialog one step closer to resolving itself by continuing to use the men's room, realizing that at some point someone would feel obligated to point out the innappropriate nature of THAT position, thereby giving her unhindered access to the ladies room in the finale.

I have a feeling there might be brilliance in the act.
Stella Stevens said…
I agree with the previous poster, but I do know of some sisters that have actually been "assigned" their own restroom and locker area as a matter of alleged NON gender issues.

Now call me silly; and yeah the privacy would be nice to some I suppose, but I think they did it more to avoid any possible "confrontations" with either male or female employees and therefore in reality actually wound up creating more of an issue, by having those same people they were trying to avoid saying, "why does so & so rate their own restroom, etc??"

Maybe I'm too simplistic, but I think there are just too many people that would "bitch" over that, much as they would if you were to hang them with a new rope; LOL.

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