State of Mind

Gender identity is a state of mind.
If one has it internalized there is not, at least in principle, any assimilation issue vis-a-vis the exterior world.
The reality and the world are in essence what oneself makes of it from his/her interior world. Thus, each person can live different experiences even in a same place and time.
A state of mind is what turns out after a series of experiencies and challenges which goes by the discovery, then the rediscovery (re-establishment) and finally, the trascendence (let go) of the social canons in respect to sex and gender.
Summarizing, it is a state of mind which, if we achieve it (working it enough), very well can become the state of mind of our environ. This would mean that we find ourselves highly conscious of who we are, what are we doing here and where we are heading.


Alysyn said…
I totally agree that our reality is primarily dependant on our state of mind, yet magnified by the power of our desire (read: emotions) regarding that thing, idea, or process we dwell upon. So much of what we percieve and experience is a result of how we have decided to not only exist, but effect the world around us. Thank you for the beauty of your own thoughts on this...

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