Your Valued Contributions

(by Michele Angelique)
I want to express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you. Some of you have actively posted and commented on GenderEvolve, while others have maintained private correspondence with me directly. I consider both types of participation and feedback to be highly valuable, and appreciate your efforts more than I can say.

I have recently changed a few settings in the system, and want to explain how things are set up from a technical perspective. This will help you to understand the ways in which you may contributre. GenderEvolve is made up of three components: the website, the blogspace, and the yahoo mailing list. Content on the website will be derived mainly from the blog, which can be viewed our "behind the scenes" mode of communication.

Both the blog and the yahoo list are unlisted invite-only, and made up of the same group of contributors. While the yahoo group was initially established only as a means of automatically circulating the articles posted to the blog, I'd like to expand the usage of the yahoo list to be a simple mode of communication among us, which may or may not be directly related to gender issues. If you want to share something or initiate a discussion but do not feel it is sufficient or relevant to post as an article on the blog, the yahoo mailing list can be used for this purpose.

If you want to chat informally with the group, send an email directly to and it will automatically be distributed to the contributors but will not appear on the blog. Replies will be circulated privately back to everyone on the list, similar to any other yahoo group you may be familiar with. This will enable us to have ad-hoc discussions among ourselves, with greater technical ease than posting on the blog, and without concern for formalities (spelling, grammar, etc). You can also send files and pictures as email attachments through the yahoo group (within reason). If a particular topic evolves organically through our yahoo group correspondences, I may from time to time compile such threads and move them onto on the blog.

If you want to present a gender-related issue in the form of an article on the blog, the process requires that you log in to and create a new post. You can save this as a draft in your blog account for as long as you need, and when you are ready to post it, simply hit the "publish post" button and it will appear on the blog. It will also be sent automatically through to the yahoo list and circulated among the contributors, as will any comments made on the blog. If a high volume of emails begin circulating on a daily basis, you have the individual ability to turn off the notification setting in your yahoo account.

So in a nutshell, the yahoo list is completely informal and totally private, the blog is a semi-formal and still private means of posting and archiving our articles and comments, and the website is our formal public presence. A point of note: if you comment on a blog article but do not wish to have your comment or a certain statement be added to the public website, the protocol can simply be to put the word *PRIVATE* before the entire comment or a specific statement. If you do this, I will know to keep what you've said off the website. By default, I will assume that posts directly to the yahoo address are private, and posts to the blog are ok to add to the website unless otherwise specified. Please leave a comment on this article or email me directly at if you have questions about any part of what I just described.

*** has now been online for 10 days, and has already received over 2300 unique visitors from all over the globe. The majority of this traffic has come from the banner link on my URNA profile, which I find absolutely incredible. I had no idea my URNA profile actually receives this much traffic! I have also noticed traffic coming in from and, which is awesome, thank you so much darlings. I deem any effort to promote as a form of contribution which is most welcome, whether you want to add us to your website, your profiles, tell your friends, or even take a moment to post the site in the links section of yahoo/msn groups to which you belong. An assortment of GenderEvolve banners and text links can be found at I am now beginning the process of contacting all TG websites that are linked on GenderEvolve to invite them to review our site, and possibly link back to us. Any help you can give me in getting the word out in the TG community would be appreciated.

You may have noticed that nowhere on is the site identified as "mine", because this site is not for me or about me (my personal site,, is currently in development). GenderEvolve is "our" site, and I want each of you to feel a sense of ownership and pride at the initiative we have started here. I could not do this alone, nor would I want to. As the site evolves, I will be adding more substance to our "About Us" section, and will highlight each of you with your own page on the site. My hope is that our site will come to represent our collective voice. You each have something special and unique to share, and GenderEvolve is a venue through which you will be celebrated.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for participating and contributing. I think we have the collective potential to create something truly special and remarkable. This is only the beginning.

With much love,


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