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(by Michele Angelique)

Lately my mind has been flooded with ideas about how to move for positive change. Some of my ideas are grandious dreams, while others are more pragmatic and attainable in the here and now. The purpose of this post is to tell you about what I envision we could easily do as a team over the next couple of months. With a coordinated effort, we can build something very special in a fraction of the time it would take any one of us on our own. will focus on delivering progressive, positive information and resources to the transgender community. Initially I would like to develop a user friendly search-engine portal site that leads to the best of the transgendered resources on the web. The goal is to make GenderEvolve a focal point which will begin to draw an audience of like-minded people.

Your help is needed to identify superior content to feature on the site. Some of you may have already done significant research on the internet and have a handy list of favorite tg websites and links to share, while others may want to spend some additional time researching. Whatever you can do to gather and share information will help.

Please share your high quality recommended links in any of the following categories:

1) News stories involving transgendered people, issues or causes
2) Significant tg events and venues around the world
3) Existing web portal/link sites for transgendered people
4) Support groups and tasteful connections sites like URNA
5) Chat rooms, yahoo groups, bulletin boards of interest
6) Transgendered talent, such as musicians, artists, writers
7) Transgendered leaders, professionals, spokespeople and supporters
8) Recommended books, magazines, movies, other communication venues
9) Recommended providers of goods and services for the transgendered
10) Scientific, medical or psychological research studies about transgenderism
11) Other content at your suggestion

Once the site is online, we will advertise on URNA and try to get reciprocal linking with sites listed. I would also like to recognize each of our contributors (you) on the genderevolve website, with your bio, photos, and links. I am very proud to be associated with such a beautiful group of beings, and I want to put you all on a pedestal if you will let me. I greatly admire each of you, and I will do what I can to ensure you reap positive rewards for your contributions to this project.

If you be so kind as to post your link suggestions in the comments section of this article, we can all collaborate together and get this moving forward.

With all my love,


Alexis Rene said…
Yippee....links....saves the time of wading through the pools of trash to get to the good stuff....Or well the sites in which there is a value of learning more.....

These are the two majors that should cover just about anything you can possibly need...within reason of course :)

This next one is new to me....Something I saved awhile back in favs but haven't had time to really go through it....But seems to be cool and up to date...

Let me know if the links don't work for whatever reason and I will be back to fix them....Have to run for now.
XXOO, Alexis
Dee Femina said…
Oooo, I love this assignment. I'll get working on it. In the meantime you can look at a VERY useful

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Hi Girls! Hope that you’re having a fun day whatever part of the planet you’re on! I’m taking today off!
I’ve tried to get this done 3 times now! Get’s hard since my second screen went down...DRAT! Anyway, I have a lot of useful linx...some for shopping, some for fun, some for TG Issues...

I’ll go through the 4 browsers, & list a bunch, and as I find more, I’ll post them as well... Hope some of these will be useful!

XO sisters.


Shopping linx...(and we all know I’ve got that and some related things... (for those rebellious days) (Sofie’s GREAT!) (some great webring linx here too)!5032.0142?PageNumber=3

Some fun things for you’re IM & comp...;_ylt=AornBRwPSNm3gjBy7YbihP1mMMIF;_ylt=An2SWnL.AJsizJXjbitOVnRwMMIF

TG Linx to Places, forums herbals, Hormones fun stuff informative stuff etc... vocal training by Melanie Ann Phillips~ I use this course... a big help!) (Climera, Premarin. Androcur... no script well informed first, these changes can hurt you without proper information...!) get legal! Get that license!
Alexis Rene said…
Bri is an OVERACHIEVER!!! lol Luv ya girl....Alexis
Arianne said…
Here are a few favorites that I have verified the link, so far...

- Gender resources

- groups and communities

- chat rooms (some may be french)

- TG shopping

- TG fun stuff
Stacie said…

Some of you ladies have definitely done some research to find all of these links. What a great resource.

Here is a new Yahoo group that was just started this past March that may have everything you ladies listed and then some

The group has done what we are trying to do here. While I have not had an opportunity to review all her links as I just joined it recently, I'm sure that between our two sites, we have a lot of transgendered resources covered.

Stacie said…
Hi everyone;

I just joined a group on yahoo whose focus is transsexual Voice and Speech Therapy. What good is it to look as good as we do if as soon as we open our mouth, a man's voice comes out.

These two links sell training material to help with our voices

I've actually used Alison Laing's material from the second site and found it to be very helpful. I no longer fear having to speak to someone when I'm out and about in public.

Steffanie said…
Hi everybody,
I'm Steffanie and I've just recently joined. I noticed I don't have a pic up yet so that's next.
Here's my 2 cent's worth of links, for starters.

This one's just for inspiration:

This is a good friend and fellow mental patient. A little out there, right by me.

An excellent place for signifigant other support and info:
This one too:

Just fun sites:


written by a sister:

I belonged to these early on but drifted away. Lots of good info on them though.

Goes without saying.

A scary trip to find out what they may know and what you want to:

More to follow. Hugs, Steff

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