June 2005 Recap

(by Michele Angelique)

I am pleased with the great start we’ve made on our new blog. There have been so many thoughtful, insightful articles and comments posted so far. I’d like to thank each of our contributors for participating in our discussions about transgender issues. My hope is GenderEvolve can become a place we can share our thoughts and feelings in a comfortable environment.

About our contributors…

This is an invitation only blog, comprised of transgendered and genetic women. I have chosen each contributor based on three main criteria. These criteria include:

1.) ability to communicate in an articulate, thoughtful manner
2.) presenting in a way that reflects well on the feminine gender
3.) willingness to share views and opinions, and consider those of others

Based on these criteria, I will continue to seek new contributors and welcome any referrals that any of you may have in terms of TG/GG friends that may be interested in contributing to our blog.

A brief introduction…

Most of you ladies already know each other, but still, I’d like to introduce each of our contributors just to be sure. In alphabetical order, our group includes…

* Alexis Rene in Illinois - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/40268
* Amber Smith in Georgia - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/40522
* Annette Brunette in MA - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/32928
* Arianne Travis in Montreal - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/658
* Brielle Echo Whitney in New York - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/1921
* Dee Femina in Sydney Australia - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/44806
* Devi in California - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/47464
* Dominess Michele in SK Canada - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/47764
* Gaylene in California - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/44701
* Jenna Taylor in Maryland - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/25689
* Karen Reeves in Connecticut - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/30677
* Miranda Skye in Oregon - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/40348
* Rhennea Jesson in SK Canada - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/33422
* Shannon in Vancouver Canada - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/42210
* Stacie Ku in California - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/46699
* Tray in Ohio - http://profiles.yahoo.com/tgirls_sista
* Victoria Derhen in New York - http://profiles.urnotalone.com/3401

A contributor removed…

I was forced to remove a certain contributor recently. I did not feel good about doing this, however it was necessary. She made a post on our blog which contained several discriminatory comments about crossdressers, while at the same time promoting labeling and segregation within the transgender community. Although many in our group were highly offended by her post, myself included, she was not removed at that time because this is a forum where open expression of opinions is encouraged. I thought perhaps her controversial views would facilitate our discussion on ways to overcome the stereotyping that goes on in society. Her original post will remain on the blog as a discussion piece to remind us of the attitudes and stereotypes that must be overcome within the community.

The contributor was removed several days after her original post because she posted a flaming addendum directed specifically at one of our other contributors. Her second post was deleted immediately, as it was no more than a pointed attack. I want to be clear; I did not remove her because she has differing views. I removed her because she was acting in what I considered to be an extremely hostile, rude, disrespectful manner. I want GenderEvolve to be a place where intelligent, thoughtful conversations about transgender issues can take occur in an environment that is safe and comfortable. We don’t have to agree on everything. All views are welcome here; the only conditions are respect for one another and the transgender community.

Articles contributed in June…

In just the last two weeks of June, we’ve had several new articles posted and numerous interesting comments. Many of the comments could be articles in and of themselves. In summary…

Contributed by Rhennea:
An Opportunity
have u seen my box???

Contributed by Dee:
What do Genetic Women really think about us?

Contributed by Shannon:
What kind of girls are we?

Contributed by Dominess:
the best of both worlds
Am I transgendered?
CD/TV/TS labelling
pondering men's liberation

Contributed by Haily:
My TS view of a CD

Other business…

I have received several requests from contributors that they be automatically notified when new articles or comments are posted on GenderEvolve. To this end I have set up a notification system by way of a group mailing list. I have added each contributor to this list, so from this point forward you all should be receiving automatic updates to the same email address you used to create your blogger account. If you do not wish to be notified, or if you want to change the email address receiving notifications, just let me know.

Once again, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your valued contributions. I look forward to sharing many more discussions on thought provoking topics on this blog in the future.

Much love to you all,


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