The Peace Revolution

(by Alysyn Ayrica)

"Many men cry Peace! Peace! but they refuse to do the things that make for peace."
~~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

An open insight for the skeptic: there is truly nothing new, except the ability to progress beyond the old.

The way of peace has been taught in all the ages of the earth, yet we have, historically, relied on treaties between nations, cultural domination, or moral imposition within our societies in an attempt to establish an enforced peace.

All of these, though idealogical, are based on the physicality of mankind. The truth is, there are no physical tools which can effect the desired result that every thoughtful human has sought for the whole of humanity - a true and lasting peace.

The reason we, as a species, have found only short-lived moments of peace in this world is simple - peace must begin within each of us before it can be manifest in the world. We often hear of the indominable spirit of human beings bandied about in reference to conflict, but it is, in fact, the spirit of each and every human on this planet that holds the power to effect change, not the body.

As spiritual beings, it is the core of our thoughts and feelings which will bring about the reality we wish to experience. This is true in both the positive and the negative. If our thoughts are emotionally directed toward something, war for instance, then war is given the energy to manifest, as is disease, poverty, and any number of phenomena we find undesireable.

Jesus once asked the apostle Paul, when he was still the Jewish zealot Saul, why he persisted in "kicking against the goads", referring to his persecution of Christians. Now, a goad was a sharp instrument used by farmers to compel the animal pulling a plow to continue moving. For the animal to fight it, or "kick against it", would only drive it further into it's backside. With this being the offered metaphor, the question Jesus asked was implying that the more Paul fought what was then only a movement, the more it's influence would be felt.

The crucial consideration given in this seemingly simple question is this: the more we struggle against something, the more energy we give to it's continued existence...or, as Carl Jung pointed out so succinctly, "What we resist persists."

We struggle against violence, and violence increases. We protest war, and war is manifest. We declare our passions against poverty, drugs, abuse, and any number of problems which threaten our well being, and these same gain strength in our society and in the world at large.

In fact, this phenomenon is a well known aspect of a universal law, known today as the Law of Attraction. Directly applied, it opens to us the understanding that our thoughts, intensified by our emotional attachement to them, shape the reality we experience.

As we move through our existence rightfully taking notice of those things in our world which are contradictory to our intuitive sense of life and goodness, our typical response is usually an expressed desire to see those things eliminated from our existence so as to allow that same goodness and life to reign. We are quick to rail against it, expressing our hatred or disgust at it's effect on our lives. Some of us even attend rallys or organize protests in opposition to them. We recognize in this activity that human beings, in their natural state, are desirous of a peaceful existence.

So the dilemma is not, as I have pointed out, in our intentions, but in the focus of our emotions regarding the aspirations of peace. We have, in our attempts to redirect our world from the barbarism of it's youth, only driven the warrior deeper into the consciousness of our human kin by misdirecting our emotions regarding human conflict.

A Revolution is long overdue, but the quest for change must not be founded in a new politick or ideology; those are temporary and dissention is at the core of their mechanics. The revolutions of the past have all been substitutionary efforts, founding one crumbling civilization upon the decay of another. What is needed is not a substitute for our current way of life, but a new structure which departs from the old fundamentally.

We human beings are infinite in our capacity to imagine, therefore our ability to create is unlimited in it's scope. As such, there are no boundaries to how much change we can effect if our desire is truly for such change. But, first, we should not desire an immediate abandonment of the old, but to establish a balance of old and new energies. All human beings deserve to be able to choose their enlightenment, and as the world moves toward peace the choice should be manifested in an established model.

We have lived for too long in the model of the old energy of confusion and turbulence, and have now come to this place where we desire a new understanding. Instead of a revolution founded in war and strife, we need a revolution of peace, founded in the daily individual consideration of life, and living in harmony with one another. Instead of taking up arms, let us take the reigns of our hearts and minds and change how we percieve one another in all things. The institutions we need to topple are the projected thoughts and emotions we sometimes take for granted on a daily basis.

Effectually, we need to direct our thoughts toward peace, not against war. War will find no place in a world where it's inhabitants desire only peace and war has become simply an academic concept that holds sway no longer over the desires of the heart.

Yet, initially, the structure of the old energy must be allowed to coexist with the new, that it's continued deterioration may be an example to future generations of it's futility. To descry it or disdain it will only give strength to it's continuance; instead, it should be allowed to fall by the wayside as it becomes void in the lives of many.

Make no mistake, whether we become revolutionaries for change, or remain in direct opposition to it by nature of our insistence on continuing our defeated thinking, we are all participants in the peace revolution.


Re: Peace Revolution, by Alysyn

Dear Aly,

Please forgive my delay in commenting on this most profoundly insightful piece you contributed. You give much food for thought, so I've been gathering some thoughts in response.

The basic point of your article is that we must give our full attention to reinforcement of the positives existing now, and those we wish to see manifest in the world. By the principle of "like attracts like", if we spend our energy fighting against evertything we do not want, instead we will only draw more of the unwanted toward ourselves.

As Ghandi said, we must "Be the Change We Wish To See". In other words, if we want peace, we must BE peaceful, we must radiate the energy of peace to all those around us. If we want acceptance, love, tolerance... we must first BECOME all of those things ourselves. Doing so puts forth the energy which draws the same back from the world around us. Whereas, if we are fearful, expectant of hatred, not even accepting of ourselves, we send out this signal, drawing the same back in return. As we can control the energy we transmit, so can we influence the energy that returns.

As such we must pay attention to resonating the vibrational frequency that we wish to attract back to ourselves. When a group of people, such as we at GenderEvolve, collectively resonate a certain energy it is all the more potent and powerful in affecting the desired change in the world around us. I believe the collective energy among us at GenderEvolve is resonating on a frequency of peace and love. I believe this is why as a group we have not, in any meaningful way, been victimized, critisized, slandered or terrorized. The community seems to have a good feeling about GenderEvolve, in part perhaps because we have been sending out tremendous "good vibes" to the world around us.

So Aly I believe everything you are saying to be true, and that we must individually and as a group use this knowledge, and this power, to the benefit of the world.

Thank you again for this uplifting message darling.

Much love,

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