Looking back upon the whirlwind that was SCC 2006 I wanted to take a moment and say how impressed I was with the GE girls I was lucky enough to meet in person. You can get a pretty good idea of the person’s character by their writings, but to meet them in person and experience first hand the overwhelming sweetness, caring, compassion, sense of humor and friendliness; well I was left in awe! My personal contact with these amazing people has deepened my respect for the girls of GE. Each and everyone one of you is so amazing. Thanks for allowing me to join you here at GE and thank you for allowing me to call you friends! You girls rock!


RE: SCC...........

Thanks for posting this Shari! I am so pleased to hear that you and our GE sisters had such a blast at SCC!! I am sooooo looking forward to all the stories and pics! Even though I couldn't be there I want to share in all your experiences and fun times, so PLEASE dearest sisters, post some comments here! Tell us about SCC, don't be shy!

I'm totally excited to hear ALL about it, so I really hope to hear from all my sisters who were at SCC.

Much love,
KC Tyler said…
Michele, even though I only had one night at SCC, it was truly remarkable. I simply hung out in the lobby for 6 hours, and so I missed many of my GE sisters that were off and about that night. But I was blessed to briefly meet Felicia Conti (a beautiful soul and a beautiful person!) and Jenna Taylor (who is a wonderful person I wish I'd had more time with!). I got to spend a good while getting to know Lauren Thomas, and it's hard not to be impressed when you talk to her - one lovely lady! And of course I spent nearly the enitre time with my "big" (if an inch shorter) sister, Shari. It's hard for me to imagine how anyone could portray our community better that Shari does - she is s sister to me and to everyone else (and they all seem to know her!!)

But beyond the trappings, Michele, my time at SCC was memorable because it shows that our sisterhood is made up of wonderful, talented, caring people. We are doctors, engineers, teachers, CEOs... all bonded together because of gender gifts. We are remarkably unremarkable, except for the common thread that runs through our souls.

I felt very much normal at SCC. I felt very much home.


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